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Have you ever travelled to a destination and wished you could be a part of it? It’s a longing that inspires you to interact; to contribute to the unique energy of an individual setting. If you’re eager to support the world’s wondrous environments as well as admire them, there’s an opportunity for you to dive deeper.

When it comes to interactive immersion, there are some travel experiences that only a tour can offer. Adventure World’s Conservation Collection was created for travellers who share a passion for treading lightly. Their hand-crafted adventures invite you to be a part of a movement to protect people, animals and environments through a range of low-impact encounters.

Instead of a safari, you could spend the morning unobtrusively tracking some of the world’s only free-roaming black rhinos with the Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia. In Columbia, you’re invited to ride on horseback alongside a llanero cowboy; an opportunity to experience a centuries-old way of life. South India has a widespread custom of dancing bear shows, but you can make a difference by volunteering at a bear rescue centre.

A tour with Adventure World is a journey designed to further the prosperity of the planet and to fill your memories with life-changing travel experiences.

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