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Graham Thams
Maroochydore, QLD
1800 102 331
(07) 5445 8008
Rogers & Turner Travel Associates
Maroochydore, QLD

Think of a number. Double it. Add 10. That’s about how long Graham has been working as a Travel Manager.

It was an obvious career choice for Graham who has had a passion for travelling since a young age. His fervent desire to explore the world is reflected in the long list of countries he has explored.

From the mountains of Austria, to the breweries of Belgium and the wildlife of Canada. He has skied some of the most beautiful slopes of France and experienced aerobatics over New Zealand’s South Island.

He’s fortunate to have a wealth of amazing travel memories but says New York has to be one of his favourite destinations. From neon-lit Times Square to sprawling Central Park, he loves the sights, sounds and electric atmosphere.

Vastly different, but equally mesmerising, was his trip to Egypt. “I saw the Great Sphinx of Giza from the back of a camel,” Graham says. “The intensity of Egypt’s pyramids and structures have to be seen to be believed.”

An enthusiast of ancient architecture, Graham has also been to Macchu Picchu and has great suggestions for those looking to visit this South American icon. “I caught the famous Hiram Bingham luxury train back to Cuzco, and it was one of the most special travel experiences I’ve ever had,” says Graham. “But I can also suggest other, adventurous ways to navigate the citadel, if a luxury train’s not your style.”

Just when you think Graham has experienced enough outstanding travel moments for one person, he will tell you he was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to get up close and personal with lions in Africa – during mating season!

It’s obvious; this Travel Manager doesn’t do things in halves. So if you’re looking for a complete travel plan that suits your aspirations, budget and timeframe, you’ve met your match in Graham.

Though a specialist in sporting events and cruising, he will help you with any kind of overseas itinerary.

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