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Lloyd Morris
Prahran, VIC
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Gannon & Turner Travel Associates
Prahran, VIC

There are many people who have a passion for travel, but few who can boast the credentials of Lloyd Morris. He’s visited more than 40 countries, but not on sightseeing jaunts – Lloyd believes in diving beneath the surface to discover the true character of a destination.

Perhaps this is the reason why Lloyd excels at creating detailed, customised adventures for his clients; a dedication to in-depth exploring means his wealth of personal travel tips is an enviable treasure trove.

“There is nothing more exciting to me than putting together a long and complicated itinerary to South America, Africa, Europe, North America or South East Asia,” explains Lloyd. “The more complicated the itinerary, the more research and planning I get to do, the more enjoyable my job is.”

Throughout Lloyd’s many years as a travel agent, he’s had the privilege of arranging some truly special itineraries. One that he’s particularly proud of is an action-packed honeymoon through Scandinavia.

“My clients were chasing the Northern Lights and I created an itinerary that included stays at Sweden’s Abisko Sky Station, the Ice Hotel and also in a glass roofed igloo. I packed out their days with dogsledding, a fjordland cruise from Tromso to Bergen and a scenic train journey through Norway. It was the trip of their dreams and they had the time of their lives.”

If you haven’t guessed, Lloyd specialises in adventure travel, which he believes is the closest way to truly experience a country, know its people and feel its culture. But adventure comes in many forms and Lloyd can offer tips and trips for everyone, from adrenaline junkies through to those who simply love waking up to a hot brew.

“Varanasi is a magical city,” says Lloyd. “A must-do is to wake up before sunrise, get a Masala Chai from a street stall and sit at the river ghats (steps). From here, you can watch the morning prayers and rituals and lay an offering of flowers into the mighty Ganges and receive a blessing. Wow! What a powerful way to start your day in India.”

Lloyd has travelled to Cambodia 17 times and can highly recommend the obscure island paradise of Koh Rong Samleom. Despite the frequent visits, Cambodia has some serious competition when it comes to Lloyd’s favourite travel destination.

“It’s very hard to name a favourite, but I have to say Peru. I have wanted to experience Machu Picchu for 15 years and finally did so four years ago. A visit to the floating villages on Lake Titicaca is also amazing – a truly unforgettable place. Peru is such a fascinating country and surprisingly easy to get around.”

If you start talking travel with Lloyd, look forward to plenty of suggestions for hidden gems and off-the-beaten path experiences. Those travelling to New Caledonia may be especially interested in his recommendation for the lesser-known island of Ouvea.

“Ouvea offers a 22km stretch of the most perfect, powdery white sand beaches, with hundreds of manta rays playing in the clearest water I have ever seen. The shores are filled with coconut palms just dying for you to pick and eat their fruit yourself.”

From life-changing sunrises in Brazil to fairytale castles in the Czech Republic, Lloyd has experienced the travel moments that dreams are made of. Luckily for us, Lloyd is dedicated to helping others discover these once-in-a-lifetime moments, a passion that has delighted his clients over and over again. 


With a background of extensive corporate travel, domestically and internationally, we considered ourselves seasoned travellers. However, in running our own business for the past 20 years we soon established that we require the expertise of someone who was prepared to listen to our travel requirements and react accordingly. Whether this be on business or on holidays. That was over 20 years ago and today we continue to utilise this expertise. Lloyd provides efficient and knowledgeable travel guidance at realistic and completive prices. Indeed Lloyd takes the complexities out of travel. We have just returned from 5 weeks in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. All organised by Lloyd for our entire travel group. Planning for next year’s holiday to Morocco and Portugal is now complete, with Lloyd balancing the competing needs of the group.

I have known Lloyd Morris for more than 13 years commencing when he was working at a travel centre in Melbourne as a travel adviser. He struck me then as an intelligent young guy wanting to provide me with the best possible customer service at the best price. Over the ensuing years my travel requirements grew exponentially and l continued to use Lloyd to build my often complex itineraries. From time to time l have checked his prices and service with alternative companies but have always returned to Lloyd. Today having travelled on tickets booked by Lloyd more than 4 million actual miles, l can recommend his services without hesitation for complex business trips or for holidays, cruises or point to pont travel. Recently with his promotion to the elite, top 2% ranks of agents, within his multinational employer, Lloyd's opportunity to provide even better deals and service has been realised. Many of my family and colleagues now use Lloyd and also speak highly of his service and prices. All one needs to do is use him once to prove my experience above is not preferential or exaggerated!

I have been dealing with Lloyd for 9 years now. I have only found Lloyd to be so helpful, knowledgeable, kind and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone for all their travel needs. I always get thanked for recommending him as he's has gone beyond any other travel agents.

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