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Matthew Chisholm
Camden, NSW
1800 734 796
(02) 4655 3033
Chisholm & Turner Travel Associates
Camden, NSW

To those who may argue there’s no need to organise travel through an agent, let me ask you this: do you think you would be able to flawlessly coordinate a marriage proposal at Disneyland?

Meet Matthew, Business Owner and Travel Manager and Chisholm & Turner Travel Associates. Matthew was part of a cunning and romantic plan, to help one of his client’s propose to his partner on their holiday. Matthew phoned the lucky lady and pretended there was an urgent matter regarding their travel plans, while her partner liaised with Disneyland staff and prepared to drop to his knee.

Matthew could have left his involvement at that, but he went one step further and organised for their hotel room to be filled with champagne, rose petals and Mickey & Minnie Mouse decorated chocolates, so the surprises and celebrations could continue once they returned home from the theme park. 

It’s just one example of the kind of lengths Matthew will go to, to ensure his clients have a great holiday. He knows the best travel memories come down to smooth coordination and the smallest details.

He has some amazing reminiscences of his own, like watching the Northern Lights for hours, in the fields of Eastern Canada. It was winter, and he and his wife lay on the warm hood of their car, while they watched the sky magically light up. 

Matthew also fondly recalls hiking through the Swiss Alps and stumbling across a little chalet, filled with hunters. He spent the evening drinking with them and hearing their colourful hunting tales.

If you’re a wildlife lover, ask Matthew about swimming with manta rays in Papua New Guinea. If you’re a nature buff, speak to him about watching the sun set in Siam Reap. If you’re interested in seeing a destination from a new point of view, pick his brain about cruising.

With a wealth of industry experience, Matthew knows how to craft a special itinerary that will have you telling travel stories for years to come.

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