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Consultant Tips: Cruising with Family

8th January 2017

Nicole Tucker from Maria, Fellowes & Turner Travel Associates is a pro when it comes to cruising. Whether it's a solo voyage, an intimate couples' cruise or a multi-generational celebration, Nicole has insider tips that have been carefully gathered to enhance your experience on the water. Read on for her best advice and favourite things about cruising with family. 

What is your best insider tip for cruising with the family?

To create a memorable holiday experience for your whole family!  You will all experience the same holiday, but remember it for a variety of different reasons.  In today’s hectic life, cruising provides a great way to reconnect with the family and enjoy quality time together.

What are the highlights?

All your main meals, on board entertainment and activities are included in the cost of your holiday.  You know upfront what the majority of the cost of your holiday will be and it’s an easy way for families to budget for their holiday. I always say that a cruise is the ultimate parent’s holiday, because we don’t have to cook or clean. 

Themed dinners and special events mean that you and your family will have the chance to dress up like super stars and strut your stuff down the red carpet.  It’s always special to get a bit fancy and capture a memorable family photo, and you don’t often get the chance to do so.

Will my kids and grandkids get bored?

There is just no time for kids to get bored.  There are sooo many activities happening around a ship for small children, teenagers, and the young at heart. During a sea day, you will find family friendly activities happening around the pool deck, suitable for participation by all ages.

Are there opportunities to do things together, as well as separately?

Absolutely.  There are many activities where everyone can participate and have fun as a family. Every cruise ship has different specialty activities, from giant outdoor chess to mini-golf and even family-friendly trivia events. During the evening, you will have the opportunity to sit on a deck chair and watch a movie on big screen, dance the night away at an all-ages deck party, sing karaoke and watch the amazing dancers perform spectacular stage shows.

The combination of Kids Club and adult only areas means that you can spend as much or as little time together as you want. Cruise ships today offer so many features that it’s easy to slip away if you need some time to yourself, whether it’s a sunny corner where you can read your book, or a session in the gym.

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Is there any valuable learning that my family can take away from a cruise?

I think this type of travelling is great for small children, as they learn to engage with others and make the most of one location.

Enrichment and educational programs are all the rage on cruise ships these days, so passengers of all ages can come away with new knowledge. These programs don’t just focus on the history and culture of the destinations visited; they also teach skills such as cooking, dancing or even a foreign language.

Any other tips or insider information?

I always tell my clients to take their own power adaptor in case the ship they are travelling on does not have Australian power points, and if they are are cruising to an island paradise, always invest in a good pair of reef shoes to wear on the beach, especially for kids. Often you can have a bit of a walk out to the beautiful sandy beach and reef shoes are comfortable and suitable footwear that protect you from any stray coral.