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Five tips for a perfect Hawaiian holiday

12th July 2013

It’s hard to resist a Hawaiian holiday. Even if you’ve never been, we’ve all seen the photos of palm-tree lined sunsets, watched Elvis croon on the sands and heard the blissful honeymoon stories. It’s a destination that will show you a good time no matter how you approach it, but to concoct the best Hawaiian holiday, we recommend taking note of the following tips.

Maui in Hawaii

For getting there: Typically speaking, most travellers will opt to fly direct to Hawaii. Airlines that fly from Australia to the island state include Hawaiian Airlines, QANTAS and United Airlines. If you’re looking to slink into the holiday vibe sooner rather than later though, then why not opt to travel by cruise? Select cruises sail from Australia to Hawaii via the Pacific Islands at certain times of the year. For more information, talk to your Travel Associates travel expert.

For accommodation: Hawaii is choc-full of resorts, most of which are populated around the main drag of Waikiki. If you’re looking to be a part of the action and crowd, then an all-inclusive resort or spa resort on O’ahu may be your best match. For the Hawaii of lush forests, secluded beaches and not a tacky Elvis souvenir in site though, the luxury villas on the enchanting island of Maui may be more your style.

For honeymooners: As discussed above, Hawaii is made for honeymooners with romantic sunsets taking place daily and accommodation options offering something for everyone. To make the most of your first holiday as husband and wife though, consider booking a specialised Hawaiian honeymoon package, designed with romance in mind.

Sunset in Hawaii

For sightseeing: In case you hadn’t quite gotten it, sunset in Hawaii is always pretty spectacular. To see it at its best angle though, we recommend heading to the Mauna Key Summit. At 3,976 feet high, the Mauna Key Summit is one of the tallest mountains in Hawaii. To reach the top though it’s not as treacherous as you may think. The Mauna Key is one o f the few places in the world where you can drive from sea level to 1,400 feet in just 2 hours. If you wish to go beyond the mountain’s Visitor Information Station, you may need to acclimatise to the altitude and be in good health. But if you don’t wish to exert yourself too much, the sunset from the station is still pretty spectacular.

For packing: There’s more to being properly prepared for a Hawaiian holiday besides the usual swimsuit and sunscreen. While sun protection and beachwear are practically mandatory, a jacket (preferably waterproof) will also come in handy as nights in Hawaii, as well as the hinterland, can be quite cold and short showers (even the in dry season) are common.

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