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Can More Cost Less When It Comes To Travel Insurance?

4th March 2016

There's nothing like travel to feed the soul and broaden the mind. And nothing like the unexpected to put a dampener on your travel plans. With close thirty years of experience and insuring over 2 million journeys worldwide every year, our friends at Cover-More know what travellers really need from travel insurance. But we know not all travellers are the same. That's why our Travel Associates consultants have worked in close consultation with Cover-More to develop an exclusive option for our clients. Launching this month, ProtectPlus is one unique travel insurance product available in two distinct plans – Platinum and Gold. It's rare in the world of insurance that policies can become cheaper while offering more. So let's take a closer look at our exciting new product turning the idiom 'less is more' on it's head. It goes without saying you should talk to your Travel Associates consultant and ask for a Product Disclosure Statement to ensure ProtectPlus suits your needs exactly. 

New & Exclusive Benefits of ProtectPlus

1. 10% No Claim Bonus

Now here's a first for any travel insurance product in Australia. Travel Associates has worked with Cover-More to develop a 10% no claim bonus discount on the Platinum plan to reward loyal clients who have not made a claim with Cover-More in the last three years.

2. Price Reductions

Cheaper cancellation cover means most Travel Associates clients, especially those investing a significant amount in their next travel experience, will see a noticeable price reduction compared to prior policies. For example a 14-day worldwide policy (including the Americas and Africa) with $10,000 cancellation cover for one traveller is $272 under the Platinum plan of ProtectPlus, compared with $324 under the former Options plan (example based on 50-59 years, $0 excess and with no claim bonus applied).

3. New Benefits

Among the key benefits is increased luggage limits and a new-for-old-luggage inclusion. When you have purchased your luggage items new within the last 12 months and provide a receipt, CoverMore will not deduct depreciation or require you to pay depreciation. This benefit is available on the Platinum version of ProtectPlus only. Other new benefits under the Platinum plan include missed connection cover up to $3,000 for many unforeseeable circumstances outside our clients' control and self-skippered boat insurance excess up to $5,000.

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Those Classic Benefits Which Haven't Changed

1. Medical Assistance

The world never sleeps, so neither does Cover-More. When ever Travel Associates clients require medical assistance, they simply need to call the team for fast help, including 24 hour medical assistance when needed. This includes access to experienced doctors, nurses and case managers right through to medical evacuations to first world medical care where appropriate and even to arrange direct payment for hospital bills. 

2. Your Own Travel GP

Cover-More can connect Travel Associates clients with an Australian-based GP, if the medical assistance team believes that is the best way to help. The travel GP is there to provide clear, simple advice and guidance with medicine or a medical referral depending on the situation. Alternatively, they help our clients find the most suitable medical facility nearest to them. 

3. 24 Hours, Seven Days

Losing personal belongings and unexpected events can take the wind out of your sails. CoverMore will do all they can to keep our clients' trip on track. This includes passport replacement assitance, claims assistance, ongoing travel advice, updates on emergency situations or natural disasters.

4. Making Claims Easy

There's no need to wait until you're home to claim either. Travel Associates clients can claim online while they're still travelling by simply visiting the claims page on the Cover-More website.