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Top Travel Associates Blogs of 2017

29th December 2017

Exceptional accommodation, luxury air travel, mouth-watering morsels for foodie indulgence and experiences that cause the best kind of sensory overload; 2017 has been an incredible year of travel and discovery.  The Travel Associates team has been fortunate to be a part of so many journeys, experiences, and firsts, and so as the year draws to a close, we recap our most popular stories.  Read on for a collection of memories, reviews and a little inspiration for your next escape. 

Travel Associates Reviews Qantas Business Class

Introduced to Qantas in 2008, the Airbus A380 ‘super jumbo’ heralded a whole new era in long-haul travel for Australian passengers who, thanks to our relative isolation, typically fly longer routes than most other passengers in the world. In 2013 Qantas reconfigured the 12 aircraft currently in the A380-800 fleet, adding 34 seats to make 484 total capacity for each. Here, our team reviews the Qantas Business Class airline experience. 


Japanese tea ceremony room.jpg

Japanese tea ceremony room
Traditional tea making equipment is known collectively as dōgu

Why You'll Love These 11 Travel Moments in Japan

The intriguing customs, unique adventures and heart-stopping beauty of Japan set the stage for an extraordinary holiday. There are countless lists of must-do attractions on offer, but it can be hard to choose from a bunch of meaningless names. Here we have broken down just a handful of the incredible experiences that your journey through Japan can offer. Read on for some beautiful, inspirational experiences.

The Most Breathtaking Places to Visit in Switzerland

You may not realise it, but you've already seen images of Switzerland’s most spectacular points of interest. Scenes of Swiss splendour are so striking that they are frequently used to represent the pinnacle of beauty, and make regular appearances on bucket list Pinterest boards around the world. Read on and get ready to lose your breath as this blog post takes you on a photographic journey through one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.

Top Australian Overwater Bungalows

Did you think exotic overwater bungalows belonged exclusively to overseas destinations, or did you know we have a range of top Australian over-water bungalows right here on our doorstep? In Australia, we offer new meaning to the term 'overwater bungalow' and you'll love our unique, luxurious slant on a Tahitian classic. Time to get reading and start dreaming; after reading this you will be ready to plan your Aussie over-water escape.

The Benefits of Flying Business Class

You know what they say about mixing business with pleasure? It doesn’t apply to flying. Business Class isn’t just for CEOs and sharp suits. The cabin class is a luxe option for any traveller to consider, offering that happy medium between first class prices and cramped cabin classes. So what exactly are the benefits? Read on and see for yourself…

Consultant Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class

When consultants travel long haul in business class, they are looking for comfort, space, good food and great service. So who better to review one than our of our Travel Associates advisors? Australians have never had so much choice before, so now consultants look for a little x-factor too. In this blog, Tony Freedman reviews the ‘Book the Cook’ service that allows you to select your food before flying and the lie-flat beds that are progressively being upgraded on the Singapore Airlines fleet.