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Travel Associates is Flying High

23rd October 2012

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Travel Associates Launch Redesigned Flight Search Page With Comprehensive Online Airline Guides
Travel Associates have recently redesigned their Flight Search page, which is a timely addition to their already comprehensive site. In today’s modern world, people are travelling like never before, so with this in mind, travel companies have to entice the traveller with an array of efficient and easy to use services.

October 23, 2012

Choosing the cheapest flights is not the only thing to consider. It is important to research the chosen airline to see what services are on offer. With the latest online Airline Guide, from Travel Associates, it will now be possible to filter searches by cabin class. This service will be a time saver, as well as give a clear and concise understanding of what is actually available. With 26 dedicated national and international airlines listed, this site really does cater to all of the travelling needs.

With limitless worldwide destinations to choose from, just a simple click will give access to e-brochures or online information, in relation to travel packages available, plus an overview of the chosen country’s accommodation options and a guide to the local customs. Travellers will also have the ability to sight lead-in airfares from the city of origin.

Who has been at an airport terminal and seen travellers wandering around looking lost and baffled? Arriving at destinations at all hours of the day and night, can throw even the most seasoned traveller into a state of confusion. Terminals are always being upgraded or pick up points rerouted. That won’t be a problem anymore with a complete Airport Guide coming soon on Travel Associates website. Every major airport will be listed, giving an all-inclusive guide to what is available at the terminal.

The soon to be launched Airport Guide will give information on duty-free shopping, where to check in, bars and lounges, currency exchange, baggage storage and everything else a travellers might need to make the arrival or stopover comfortable. Also listed are up to date costs for taxi fares from the airport to the CBD, public transport, car hire and the distance from the CBD. Arriving at an airport equipped with all this information will no doubt make travel much more pleasurable.

At the experience, comfort and service to passengers is of paramount priority. With the pace of life these days, easy to use well-organised guides are a blessing. Travel Associates are committed to continually providing easy to use online guides for the convenience of passengers to make travel arrangements run as smooth as possible. The majority of travelers are time poor, so the ease with which you can search this site is definitely a great advantage. Having a fully comprehensive Flight Search and Airline Guide is a boon for travellers of all levels.