Parrtjima - A Festival of Light 2023

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Inspired by the artwork surrounding the Statement from the Heart, Listening with Heart embodies the concept of coming together, meeting, and taking the time to reflect in the beautiful Red Centre.

The 2023 Exhibition - Listening with Heart

Led by Maruku artist Rene Kulitja, a group of artists from Multijulu (near Uluru) created the Statement from the Heart artwork. It depicts Uluru-Ku Tjukurrpa (The Uluru Story of connection). Rene will work alongside other artists to bring the stunning piece to life as a large-scale immersive light and sound installation in the red soil of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), on Arrernte country.

Join us and experience a timeless culture expressed in fresh, creative ways in the heart of Australia. Come and be a part of Parrtjima.

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