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We turn your points into business class seats

Introducing our exclusive frequent flyer points concierge.

Have you ever wanted to use your frequent flyer points in the most effective way? You have the points across some major airlines but using points to book reward flights is often too difficult. Travel Associates' Points+ solves this problem so you can get those business class seat upgrades. Our new points concierge service partner is recognised as Australia’s specialists in reward points, trusted among business leaders as the experts in rewards advice and bookings.

Using your reward points (that you or your business already have collected) to book flights in a smart way is typically by trial and error and a lot of effort. It is always challenging and frustrating to use the points for what you want and even then you're still not 100% sure. Our professional service solves this problem, to help you fly and upgrade.

Instead of paying normal business class prices, our experienced team employ the smartest way to fly using the best combinations of points and will find and book your points reward seats for you.

*Points+ Flat Price covers all ticket taxes and our booking fees. Cancellation and change fees apply.
$1,500 to/from Asia. $2,500 to/from Rest of World. $3,100 to/from Rest of World, when flying Emirates / Etihad / Qatar / British Airways (surcharge of $600).

Why use the Points + concierge service?

  • Above and beyond: 98% of clients rated us 5 stars overall 
  • Quality service: A local and experienced flight team dedicated to helping you
  • Clear upfront pricing: Finding reward seats takes specialised effort. We believe in fair rewards.

So how do we find the seats? Experience counts!

  • We know where to search, how to search
  • We know which points can be booked for which destinations, on which flights
  • We know how many points are needed, and which points to use for the best results
  • We know when to book online, when to book on the phone, or when to call in the points program supervisor
  • We do this to help you enjoy business class in comfort and use your points wisely. 

To find out more and start putting your points to work, call the Points+ number on 135 725 to speak with an experienced advisor.