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Welcome to The Australia Awaits You Exhibition.

As Australia’s leading curator of travel experiences, we are presenting a collection of work from some of our country’s leading travel photographers as a vivid reminder of the wealth of breathtaking beauty and experiences that await you. The very best holidays in Australia are now exclusively available to us, and we can’t wait to take you there.

Learn about the photographers below, marvel at their work and explore holidays and ideas inspired by their photography.

It’s time. Australia awaits you. Travel Associates is ready to take you.

Australia through the lens of a travel photographer

Scenic Rim

Scenic Rim, Queensland
Photographer: Israel Rivera

The Scenic Rim hosts a plethora of breathtaking landscape that is hiddern in the Gold Coast Hinterland, scattered with local producers and luxury retreats.

Israel Rivera

Meet Israel Rivera

Israel Rivera is a filmmaker and photographer with an almost unmatched eye for capturing beautiful images. After building his aesthetic through many years as a fashion and lifestyle stills photographer, Israel turned his skills to crafting beautiful films and high end television commercials. With the soul of an artist, Israel is passionate and relentless about capturing beauty in every image and has a storytelling approach to all of his work. He is renowned for his easy-going nature and collaborative approach, as well as his natural technical skills for lighting and utilising light in the most emotive way.
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Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland
Photographer: Israel Rivera

The rugged beauty of regional Australia and Indigenious rock art on show.

Carnarvon Gorge is just one of Queensland’s regional wonders, with breath-taking creeks, ancient indigenous history, hiking trails, driving tracks and camping grounds to help you immerse yourself in the area's natural beauty. It’s a good day drive from Queensland’s major cities, Brisbane, Rockhampton or Mackay, but we think the destination is worth the journey. Particularly if you pair a stay in either of these hubs, filled with their own adventures and laid-back luxuries to enjoy.



Roma Sunset, Queensland
Photographer: Alex Buckingham

"I got this shot while I was on the road for weeks. It was on the edge of a plateau and the view spread over 100KM. It was on the property owned by my partners ex-boyfriends parents! From memory it was a dull day, but when you know there’s something special about to happen you wait till it does. Bang caught!"

Alex Buckingham

Meet Alex Buckingham

Alex Buckingham is a multi-award winning world leading photographer, who kicked off his career in London and was initially known for his skill at photographing liquid and still life. He studied fine art prior to moving into photography, something he just loves having worked in the industry for over 40 years now. Alex loves to get deep into each new project, reading and researching around the subject, which can include everything from still life, botanical, pop art, landscapes to J W Waterhouse the Pre-Raphaelite painter. The inspiration just seems to flow, not every project works, but when it does it’s very rewarding.
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Noosa, Queensland
Photographer: Alex Buckingham

"This was shot for myself whilst on a trip to Noosa, which has many great spots to shoot. This, and a few other local locations, lend themselves to being captured when it is raining, it gives a slight glisten and helps the reflections on the wood. It was a calm day with a hint of rain, perfect!"

Noosa is famed as one of the most popular beachside holiday destinations in Australia. However, it’s not just the stunning waters, white-sandy beaches and swaying palm trees that have made this Sunshine Coast location a favourite. You can opt for a more relaxed holiday here with a Mr Whippy soft serve and lazy days at the beach. Or treat yourself to a lavish day of boutique shopping and divine cuisine.

Canal Rocks, Busselton, WA

Canal Rocks, Busselton, Western Australia
Photographer: Andrea Francolini

A stunning seascape at the north point of the Margaret River wine region.

Andrea Francolini

Meet Andrea Francolini

Andrea Francolini is an international award-winning photographer, and has called Australia home for two decades. Originally hailing from Milan, more than 20 years spent behind the lens have honed his unique ability to capture the very essence of his subject. Best-known for his high-velocity sailing and sporting imagery, travel has also been a lifelong passion, leading Francolini to culturally-rich destinations like Africa, Pakistan, India, Japan and the Philippines where he studied the people and their culture, capturing both the beauty and the harshness of life in these fascinating countries. For now, while grounded, he’s keen to capture Australia through the lens like no-one else.
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Hunter Valley, NSW

Hunter Valley, New South Wales
Winter 2018
Photographer: Andrea Francolini

One of Australia’s most-loved wine regions, located just two hours from Sydney.
Kunanyi, Tas

Kunanyi, Tasmania
Photographer: Emma Russell

One of Australia’s most spectacular vistas just 21km from Hobart.

Emma Russell

Meet Emma Russell

Emma Russell is an art director and photographer who is passionate about capturing authentic, emotive moments. With a background in design and visual communication, Emma has spent her career refining her aesthetic approach, crafting thoughtful and creative solutions for a range of clients both locally and internationally. Emma's photographic work has evolved to complement her design practice; her experience as both a photographer and designer granting her a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each project. A natural storyteller, with a focus on remote travel in Australia – her images explore the relationship between people and nature.
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The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles,
Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Photographer: Emma Russell

Limestone structures that tower 45 metres above the tempestuous Southern Ocean.

The story of The Twelve Apostles begins over twenty million years ago. Formed from limestone and after years of erosion, these magnificent cliffs now stand an impressive 45 metres tall, isolated in the ocean. The best way to see these geological marvels is along the Australian National Heritage listed Great Ocean Road - a stretch of 240km making for the perfect day road trip.