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Becky Kent-Perchalla
Hyde Park, SA
1800 136 037
(08) 8464 9600
Perchalla & Turner Travel Associates
Hyde Park, SA

Becky has worked in the travel industry for over 18 years and says it’s an ingrained way of life for her: “I live to travel. I live to plan other people’s travel. I will never stop travelling – I can't express it any clearer than that!”.

As a professional travel planner, she says every one of her clients’ trips is different. “Making what each client wants, come together exactly the way they want it – that’s the good stuff!”.

Having been on 30 different cruises, cruising is a big passion for Becky. So it goes without saying that it’s also one of her areas of expertise – as well as emerging destinations and private islands.

All over the globe however, Becky has a huge wealth of personal experience to draw on when crafting dream holidays for clients; she has already ticked over 80 countries off her bucket list. Some of the more unique spots on the map include Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Estonia, Myanmar, Maldives, Aruba, Montenegro, Curaçao and the US Virgin Islands.

She has also visited the likes of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Slovakia, Saint Lucia, France, Austria, Ghana, Taiwan, Switzerland, Russia, Sri Lanka and beyond. Of course, there are too many to mention them all. But you can trust she has a world of experience in all kinds of holidays – from sun-drenched Pacific islands to off-the-beaten-track African gems, nations across Asia and many European hotspots.

So what’s her single favourite destination of them all? It’s one that you may not have even heard of: Benin. A small country in West Africa, between Nigeria and Togo, here UNESCO palatial ruins and temples meet palm-fringed shores on Atlantic waters. “It was incredibly amazing and completely different from south to north,” Becky says. She also says she’ll “never forget the Voodoo Festival that I went to in Ouidah”.

Other life-changing travel memories include hot air ballooning over Bagan, Myanmar, and playing cricket with locals with a stick and bottle cap at sunset in Trinidad, Cuba. Another travel experience she rates highly? Flying first class with Emirates – which she did just this year for the first time.

As well as Becky’s incredible line-up of personal experiences, she has a long list of industry accreditations that make her a travel expert in the truest sense and the person you want behind your next booking – including numerous Master Agent titles, including being a Cruise Master, specialist training for many popular hotel brands, and she is a Virtuoso Voyages Member.

Whether you’re looking to book your next getaway or perhaps require assistance with complicated business travel, speak to Becky at Perchalla and Turner Travel Associates, Hyde Park. She is always happy to help.

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