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Jo Kennedy
Brisbane, QLD
1800 221 270
(07) 3278 6664
Kennedy & Turner Travel Associates
Brisbane, QLD

Jo is the VIRTUOSO Most Innovative Adviser for Asia/Pacific 2019 Winner

Despite having more than 50 country’s stamps in her passport, Jo Kennedy does not have a single favourite travel destination.

“I love exploring a new destination and I’ve had unforgettable experiences all over the world – it’s impossible to pick out just one, but I will say that discovering unique and jaw-dropping five star hotels is one of my absolute favourite things to do.”

Jo’s unforgettable experiences range from skippering a private boat down the Burgundy Canal in France to being awestruck by the Egypt’s Valley of Kings. Her love of stand-out hotels is a passion she enjoys personalising for her clients; if you’re looking for the hotel with the best view, the best location, or even the best opportunity for surfing, give Jo a call.

One of Jo’s all-time favourite travel memories is of rising at 4am to bike to the Hanoi flower markets:

“The busy locals of Hanoi were beginning their day amidst amazing smells and a profusion of gorgeous flowers. The morning bustle of movement was so beautifully genuine; there were vendors unloading, families who had just woken up, people chatting and others just hurrying about their day. We then rode to the fresh food markets across the Long Biên Bridge alongside locals on their way to work. It was an incredible way to soak up an environment so different from the streets of Brisbane.”

It is these genuine moments of delight that Jo strives to provide for her guests. A dedication to excellence in service is topped off by the thrill Jo gets when a client returns from a trip and tells her they’ve had an amazing time thanks to her efforts.

“The joy that a client gets from their trip is what makes me come to work every day. Each client gets my undivided attention; when I am talking to them, they are the most important thing in my day, and their holiday plans are my highest priority.”


I recommend Jo to friends all the time because of her professionalism and dedication to her job. She works extremely hard and has an extraordinary knowledge of everything related to travel. She has many clients, is very busy but you never feel rushed. She always has time to go through things thoroughly with you even if that means 3 phone calls and numerous emails in a day and night! Nothing is ever too difficult for her to arrange, whether it is flights, accommodation, meals, activities or guides. She is a very special travel agent.

All in all Jo a great trip, well planned thanks to you. Many times we would say "Jo's really kicked a goal here" and high five each other!! The sequence of where to go when, worked brilliantly and we are so pleased you changed that and pleased that we agreed to that change. Congratulations Jo from 2 very happy clients!

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