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2 new perks that will make you want to fly business class

21st February 2014

Flying business class might not be an essential part of travel for everyone, but there's no denying that it has many advantages. Personalised service, more space on-board and comfortable business lounges at airports are just some of the benefits you can expect when you fly in this class, but airlines around the world continue to improve the experience even further.

If you haven't thought about asking your travel agent to book a business class seat for your next flight, here are some new developments that may entice you.

All business class

Most planes flying today have a dividing barrier between the business and economy cabins, but a new service being launched by Qatar Airways is taking this to a new level with an entire aircraft devoted to business class seats.

Their Airbus A319 service will have just 40 seats on the plane set out in rows of four. Every seat can fully recline and comes equipped with a big-screen entertainment system to ensure the flight experience is as comfortable as possible.

This new flight will be operating the route between Doha Airport and Heathrow Airport in London, but you never know when other airlines may follow suit - in future, a holiday in Europe, the Maldives, the United States and other areas around the globe could involve an all-business class flight to get there.

New technology

On-board entertainment has continued to improve over the years irrespective of the cabin class, but many airlines have started offering even more diverse options for their business class passengers. For example, Virgin Airlines has included a 12.1 inch touch screen monitor and handset for their business class travellers that can be connected to phones, USB sticks or tablets. That means passengers can enjoy their own content while charging portable devices.

Meanwhile, Air France has also adopted a high definition touch screen with USB port and noise-reducing headphones for their own business travellers. With perks like these, it pays to consider travelling business class during your holiday.