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Navigating Hong Kong's Shopping Landscape

4th May 2015

Hong Kong is a pleasure for the senses. From the vibrant sights and sounds to the tempting aromas and exotic flavours, there's no denying that this exciting world city is unlike any other. Perhaps nothing piques our finely tuned senses though in quite the way shopping can, and in Hong Kong, you'd be forgiven for suffering from sensory overload - in the best way of course.

Pick up the best in handmade souvenirs or sample the local flavours in one of the colourful street markets or head to an electronics store for the latest must-have gadget. For those with more refined needs, there are plenty of tempting shops and stores in which to spend your cares away. From enormous shopping centres with their name brand labels to luxury boutiques and upscale department stores, your every retail desire is sure to be satisfied in these great monuments to consumerism.

Temple Street Markets

In Hong Kong, it's never too late to shop, and at the Temple Street Night Markets in Kowloon, the fun begins at 4pm. Trading until midnight, market goers can combine their love of shopping with the tempting tastes of Hong Kong as they grab a hot pot or succulent seafood delicacy before hitting the brightly lit stalls. Bulging stalls offer everything from electronic goods and home ware gadgets to Chinese silks and clothing, music, luggage and souvenirs. Ever the funky, entertaining venue, Temple Street brings together a cross section of entertainers who delight passersby with their improv performances, making this shopping venue a fun filled spot for all.

Temple Street night Market. Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Causeway Bay

If you can't find it here, chances are you won't find it anywhere. Located on Hong Kong Island near Victoria Harbour, Causeway Bay reflects Hong Kong itself - compact yet full of life. A giant in the retail world, the Causeway Bay district brings together upscale department stores, fashion boutiques, name brand stores and cinemas in one exhilarating location.

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Stanley Market

Set within a historic maze of stairwells and laneways, Stanley Market has long been a favourite with tourists and locals alike. Located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island, the tiny, offbeat fishing village provides a fascinating juxtaposition between the modern and the traditional. Those looking for the perfect piece of art work, home furnishing or Chinese memento will find it here.  The waterfront setting and historic 1844 Murray House add yet another charming dimension to this lovely coastal location.

Hong Kong Island by night. Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board


Wedged between the towering mountain peaks of Hong Kong Island and the flashy, fast paced world of the financial district, Admiralty strikes a fittingly dazzling pose with its high rise concentration of luxury retail outlets and up-market shopping. Exclusivity is the name of the game here, and the convenient network of walkways will guide you from one beautiful shopping centre to another.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Not to be left out, the Kowloon side is equally adept at providing its share of exclusive shopping. Located along the glittering harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui offers a huge range of luxury retailers, brand name stores, specialty shops as well as cafés, restaurants, markets and malls. Hong Kong's biggest shopping mall, Harbour City is a top water side attraction. Getting through all the shops can take days, so be sure to start your day early.

Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board