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Exploring Magical Hong Kong Disneyland

27th April 2015

Few things in life resonate with children the way a whimsical fairytale can. Blend together a magical world of talking animals, a fairy princess and a glistening white castle, and the dreamy stage is set for a lifetime of joy. A fantasy world lovingly brought to life, adults are no less drawn to Hong Kong Disneyland's enchanting, adventure filled world of theme rides, all-inclusive resorts and fun filled entertainment.

No matter what the age, it seems dreams really do come true here.

A Disney park with special appeal, the entrance has been designed with a curved entrance in observance of feng shui principals. Equally sensitive to local customs, the park blends traditional Chinese elements with the same lovable Disney characteristics seen in all its parks. Of course, Hong Kong Disneyland offers up a few surprises too.

This image: Two castle designs can be found throughout the world's Disney parks; Sleeping Beauty's or Cinderella's. Hong Kong Disneyland features the former, as does original Disneyland in Anaheim.

Let's Explore These Enchanted Lands
Disneyland Hong Kong strikes the perfect balance between the traditional and the new, and while every visitor will recognise the beloved Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street USA, and of course Mickey Mouse and all his friends, there's still plenty to entice both the repeat visitor and the adventurer.

This image: Join Mickey at Disneyland Hong Kong, a Disney park which strikes the perfect balance between traditional and the new.

If you feel the need for speed, head over to Tomorrowland and the Autopia attraction for a few laps in a mini-speedster. Another famous ride is the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Taking its cue from the runaway train ride's of other Disney parks, Hong Kong has turned it up a notch by creating a thrilling run with high speed twists and turns that even the most avid roller coaster aficionado will appreciate.

One of the most unique and exciting 'Lands' by a far is the Hong Kong-exclusive, Mystic Point. The distant rainforest backdrop creates an air of mystery and curiosity for visitors as they explore such attractions as Lord Henry's grand Mystic Manor, a Victorian mansion with magical rooms and a storied past. Visitors glide through hidden rooms filled with treasures on a carriage ride as the haunting yet beguiling musical score from famed composer and musician Danny Elfman is heard playing in the background.

The Fun Never Ends at Disney Resorts
With so much to see and do at this enormous park, it's only natural to want to stay close by. The park has two luxury resorts located next to the park, both built in the grand tradition of Disney hotels.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is located along the beautiful South China Sea coast. The majestic 5-star property features stately rooms, a lush garden maze and all the amenities one would expect in a sea side resort. Adults will enjoy the luxurious surroundings while the kids will go wild for the themed pools and waterslides and the chance to eat with a Disney character.

This image: 5-star Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, set against the coast of the beautiful South China Sea.

Disney's Hollywood Hotel provides luxurious 4.5-star comfort in the glitzy fashion of an historic art deco style Hollywood hotel. The hotel's modern features provide a sophisticated level of comfort and appeal with attention to detail found throughout. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, a funky piano shaped pool with waterslide, world class restaurants and of course plenty of fun for the kids.

This image: Disney's Hollywood Hotel offers luxurious 4.5-star comfort in the glitzy fashion of an historic art deco style Hollywood hotel.