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A Taste of Vancouver

2nd November 2016

Vancouver, BC is ranked one of the world’s most livable cities, and it’s easy to see why when you sit down to nosh. The bustling shops, the lively night scene, and all that fresh ocean air is likely to make you hungry, and Vancouver certainly serves up an impressive array of cuisine to satisfy your appetite for unforgettable culinary experiences. A single trip may not be enough to devour all Vancouver has to offer, but here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Granville Island.jpg

Granville Island in Vancouver
Scenic Granville Island. Photo: Getty

Granville Island Market

As Canada’s second most visited destination, Granville Island showcases a tempting array of local artisans with the most decadent delights for the palate. With a constantly rotating lineup of local artisans, chefs, farmers, bakers and more, be prepared to see impressive shows by fishmongers tossing their daily catch, be seduced by the smell of rich coffees and fresh-baked pastries, and feast your eyes on the rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables brought in from the fields. Indulge your passion for fashion and beauty as well by checking out the handmade soaps, lotions, hats, bags, and accessories. This event is a unique community with a culture all its own, and international visitors and locals alike arrive by the flock to sink their teeth into all the fabulous fare.

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Pasta at Granville Island Markets
Granville Island Markets: full of delights for the palate. Photo: Getty

Sound overwhelming? It is, in the best way possible! Get the most out of your visit by taking the Granville Island Market Tour, which includes 20 tastings of signature Canadian food and drinks.  Each vendor has their own unique flavor, with a farm-to-table approach and their passion for food infused into each bite. If you want to truly taste the richness and rustic sophistication of the city, the Granville Island Market is a must-do.

NOTE: Granville Island boasts a “Zero Waste” philosophy, and has phased out plastic bags. So be sure to bring your own re-usable shopper, or purchase one at the market as a memento of this truly enriching experience.


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Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour

What's your vice? If you’ve got a hankering for luxury food shops and award-winning restaurants, you’ll want to slip this guilty pleasure into your itinerary. A foodie excursion like no other, this tour includes everything from a sampling of Vancouver’s finest Dim Sum to a private tasting at Bella Gelateria, North America’s best gelato bar. Add on a visit to Market by celebrity chef Jean-George and a stroll over to Cafe Thierry for their hand-crafted macarons, and you’ll feel confident that you’ve experienced the best of Vancouver’s multicultural food scene.

Dim Sum.jpg

Deep fried wonton
What's your guilty pleasure? Photo: Getty

Feeling extra naughty? Choose to add an alcohol pairing to the afternoon’s sinfully delicious agenda, and wrap your lips around some of BC’s award winning wines.

If you can spare three hours, this is one pleasure you won’t feel guilty about. Don’t worry. We won’t tell.


Japanese style hot dog
The famous Japadog, a Japanese variation on the humble hot dog. Photo: Getty

The World’s Best Food Truck Tour

Think “food truck” and images of greasy burgers served roadside in New York’s SOHO district may come to mind. Well, the food truck movement has come a long way, and if you’re looking to venture beyond restaurant-style dining, this is it!

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Vancouver's Prime Cut of Culinary Experiences
Spoilt by Vancouver's Nature

This 2-hour, lunchtime Food Truck Tour allows you to feast your way through downtown Vancouver, in perfectly portioned platefuls as to allow room for a little taste of everything. Enjoy mouthwatering fish tacos, freshly baked naan bread in the world’s only in-truck tandoor oven, and of course, the famous Japadog that started it all.

If you want to experience one of the world’s best street food scenes in one afternoon, then roll on down to The World’s Best Food Truck Tour. Watch out, New York. Vancouver’s food trucks are definitely in the race!


Steam clock and flowers in Gastown
The iconic steam clock located in the heart of Gastown. Photo: Getty

Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Hungry for old-world flair that delivers new-world flavor in Vancouver’s most stylish and trendy district? Then this tour is right up your alley.

Dine in Vancouver’s most historic neighborhood, where cobblestone streets and historic buildings open up to iconic restaurants and legendary drinking establishments. This 3-hour, progressive tour takes you from a “VPN Certified” Neapolitan style pizzeria to Vancouver’s only champagne and dessert bar.

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Canadian craft beer
Canadian craft beers dying to be sipped! Photo: Getty

Gastown is rich with hidden gems waiting to be discovered, craft beers dying to be sipped, canapés longing to be savored, and time honored traditions aching to be re-discovered. As you swill the last of your expertly crafted cocktail, you’ll wonder how you’d never heard of this place before, and know that Gastown is now a part of your own personal gastronomic history.

Chat to your local Travel Associates consultant about your own foodie adventure to Vancouver, or check out our Canadian specials and start building up an appetite!