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Active, Adventure & Wildlife Travel

29th July 2022

We live on a planet of infinite wonders. Exploring the world is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, and everyone’s travel dreams are delightfully unique.

The team at Travel Associates is lucky enough to work with travel wishlists every day… And we’re willing to make a wager. Although your bucket list is as individual as you are, we bet it includes an active, adventure or wildlife experience.

These three travel themes pave the way to hidden gems and one-of-a-kind experiences. Active, adventure and wildlife holidays offer a depth of immersion that means the difference between visiting a destination and feeling it settle into a place in your heart.


Active Travel

Imagine yourself cycling through the Canadian Rockies. You’re riding through a peaceful alpine pass, where the mountains stretch to hold up the sky. The sun is bright above you, and the cool evergreens flavour the breeze that caresses your face.

Suddenly you’re pedalling beside a lake so blue that you have to snap a picture so the folks at home will believe you. Tonight, you’ll relish a hearty meal of local delights and the sweet sleep that comes after a day filled with activity and new experiences.

These are the wholesome joys of active-themed travel. Admiring the scenery from afar is a joy, but scaling mountains, paddling across remote waterways and hiking through alpine meadows will give you a sense of ownership of a slice of paradise.

Active travel is rising in popularity, and there’s a range of tour options that caters to all levels. You could hike the mountains of Nepal, or paddle the mysterious waters of the Amazon. Mountain cycling in Canada is spectacular, but you could also enjoy a leisurely ride along the shores of the Danube, or bike to tiny villages in the Vietnamese countryside.


Adventure Travel

Adventure looks different for everyone, but can always be described as unusual and exhilarating. The moments that nudge us out of our everyday and towards the sensation of wonder are what we all seek in our travel experiences.

Have you ever felt the lure of Egypt? Your adventure could be an exploration of the monumental temples at Abu Simbel, where you try to wrap your mind around the unfathomable age of the wonders before you.

Maybe your idea of adventure looks more like an immersion into a mesmerising culture, like that of the llanero cowboys. You could saddle up and ride alongside a barefoot Columbian plainsman, discovering the nuances of an ancient lifestyle by living it for a fragment of time.

Nothing sparks the feeling of adventure like setting sail on an expedition cruise. Travelling by water can bring you to otherwise unreachable destinations, from the vibrant reefs of the Galapagos Islands to tiny Inuit communities in the iceberg-strewn waters of Canada’s North-West Passage.

Whether it’s a seaplane flight to a secluded island, an interactive history tour, or a cruise along a jungle-lined river, there’s an adventure out there with your name on it.



No one can resist the thrill of spotting a silverback gorilla in the wild. There is something about seeing exotic animals in their natural habitat that makes even the most seasoned traveller’s jaw drop in child-like wonder.

Wildlife is a trending travel theme, and humans are increasingly devoted to diminishing the effect of tourism on the animal kingdom. In every destination shared by humans and animals, there are people devoted to the well-being of our wild friends.

Take your wildlife holiday to the next level by volunteering at a bear rescue centre in South India, tracking black rhinos with the Save the Rhino Trust, or learning about local preservation efforts in Sri Lanka’s Sinharaja rainforest. There’s a wonderful Sloth Rescue Centre in Cost Rica, and a Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Namibia - the only one of its kind.

A carefully crafted, eco-friendly safari can be an incredible experience for humans and inconsequential for animals. The sight of a Bengal tiger in the wild, regally assured of its supremacy, is an image that you’ll try to describe for the rest of your life.



Many of the experiences we’ve mentioned feature in Intrepid itineraries, which are small-group trips designed for curious travellers. Intrepid is the kind of travel company that gives tours a good name. It crafts its trips around people-and-planet-friendly experiences to help you embrace a destination from the inside out. Ask your Travel Associates adviser what active, adventure or wildlife daydream Intrepid can help you tick off your bucket list.


Adventure World

If you liked the sound of the eco-friendly wildlife experiences above, you’ll love Adventure World’s Conservation Collection. Thanks a commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism, you know that every Adventure World experience is working to preserve the inhabitants and culture of whatever far-flung destination you’re whisked away to. Get closer to nature than you ever imagined while enjoying the carefully chosen comforts of a premium tour.

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