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How to get your bearings on day one

28th October 2013

Feeling lost for the first few days of holiday can seem inevitable, but in reality you can make the most of your break and successfully find your bearings on the first day.

Try out some of these tried-and-trusted tips from travel agents to help you hit the ground running.

Pick your own landmark

It's likely that whether you're on holiday in Europe or on a Fiji adventure, your local area will be dotted with landmarks.

Chances are you won't know north from south right away, so choose an object that's tall or large or both and use it to give yourself a sense of direction. Base all of your movements in a radius away from it, and use it to help guide you home again at the end of the day.

Take a walk

Don't wait until your second afternoon to take a walk around the local area - this should be a top priority to help you find your way around.

Scope out all of the local cafes and amenities and find the nearest transport options. In the process, it's likely you'll find a few treasures you wouldn't come across in guide books, while giving yourself a good base of knowledge of how the area is set up and how best to navigate the rest of your adventures.

Don't fear the map

Look at the map before you leave the house.

This serves two purposes. One, you won't scream 'tourist' when you stop to look at a map or your phone for directions in the middle of a busy street. You'll know what is worth seeing in the area before you step out, so you won't get lost in one place for too long and risk not seeing everything you wanted to before it's time to move to the next location. Take note of bus or train stops, restrooms and cafe areas.