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Greek Goddesses and Cave Hotels

16th November 2012

Despite having travelled to over 33 countries, travel consultant, Jo Kennedy is still discovering destinations which exceed her expectations. On a recent holiday to Prague, Greece and Turkey, Jo found herself pleasantly surprised by the delicious food, generous people and rich culture.

Jo found Prague to be a very picturesque city, very easy city to move around and definitely worth a visit. She stayed in the Leading hotels of the World property Le Palais and says it was “Just gorgeous!”

From there, she moved on to Greece to the idyllic island of Meganissi, crystal clear aqua water, for 7 days of relaxation. One day she ventured by speed boat to the Island of Kefalonia in Emblissi Bay, Fiscardo, and ate in the restaurant on the top of the island at the Emelisse Hotel.  Words can hardly describe the amazing views & delicious food.

Then, it was off to Turkey. "The food in turkey is just sensational", she said. "And the people are amazing; so hospitable, so obliging". She stayed in a few different hotels over the course of the holiday, and couldn’t find a fault in any. "The staff took such great care of us; they all wanted to give us a gift when we left".

Jo says, "When people ask me what I thought of Turkey, I tell them: the landscape is spectacular, the history is fascinating, the shopping fantastic and the food is sensational".

Cappadocia is fast becoming a highly sought after travel destination and if you've been there you would already understand why. Located in the centre of the Anatolian Region, it is a unique plain located between the volcanic mountains.  Eruptions from these volcanoes millions of years ago, saw this entire area covered with lava. The surrounding rivers, and years of rain and wind saw this lava form into unusual rock formations.

Adding to the awe of the strange natural structures, are the deliberate carvings made from the local people long ago. Entire underground cities were built, including homes and churches, not one of which has fallen. A visit to Aphrodisias was one of the most impressive ancient sites that Jo visited, she walked around the ancient stadium built for which can seat over 30000 people. They say it is the best preserved stadium ever excavated.

It's hard to believe these entire underground cities exist, and if you’re that sceptical, the best way to be convinced is to stay in one of the rock hotels for a night.

Jo stayed in a cave hotel there, Gamirasu Cave hotel and was lucky enough to experience the Byzantine King Suite. "It was just amazing, we were treated like royalty" she said. "A moving and historical property to stay in".

Many people might associate Cappadocia with the hot air balloon rides and if you get the chance to visit this region yourself, it’s a worthwhile venture. Jo experienced a 4am balloon ride. Though it wasn't easy waking up this early, she said it was certainly worth the unforgettable sights. "It was so memorable, almost magical", she said. "Some people worry about the safety, but hundreds of balloons fly over there every day, I actually felt very safe".


The Turkish people are a very proud race. Jo says you can really sense their pride when it comes to  Ataturk.
“They love what he stood for and did for the country”.

Overall, Jo said Turkey is a very modern, a very forward thinking country, “I can hardly wait to go back,” she said.

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