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Locals only: backstreet bites with Asia's best guides

26th February 2019

The best moments in travel aren’t premeditated. They’re found not on coaches, but on the streets; they’re not detailed in rigid itineraries, but uncovered unexpectedly.

You may very well find delight in lying on the beach at an all-inclusive resort or swimming in the pool on a massive cruise ship. You may also find it while you’re digging into an all-out feast at your local leader’s family home or sharing a laugh with your fellow travellers as you attempt to cross the road in Ho Chi Minh City.

Intrepid have fine-tuned their style of travel, you see. You won’t find yourself spending a week or more with a huge busload of people, rather with small group of like-minded intrepid travellers, just as curious about the world as you are.

Whether you prefer a clear schedule of activities covering all the iconic sights, or enjoy meandering explorations of a destination with the people who call it home, your guide is the thing that will really make your experience unforgettable. 

And that’s exactly what sets Intrepid apart: local leaders.

There’s only so much online research you can do about a destination based on other visitors’ reviews. Who better to show you around a new city or town than someone who actually lives there? Imagine hitting the backstreets of a busy marketplace in Hanoi with a leader who grew up three streets over. You probably won’t tick off that touristy lunch spot, though you may be invited to your leader’s family home for a steamy bowl of pho.


Marketplace, Hanoi
Marketplace, Hanoi

Small group sizes allow Intrepid leaders to showcase the heart and soul of the places you visit, from the rare foodie finds and time-honoured traditions to the sneaky shortcuts down inconspicuous laneways. It’s the smaller group sizes that allow a little flexibility in each day’s itinerary too; a balance of must-sees, local secrets, and free time will guarantee any traveller uncovers their own authentic experiences.

Intrepid’s itineraries are crafted to maximise your time spent with local people. Getting from A to B becomes an adventure in itself, from seeing the Ganges River in India to cycling through Sri Lanka's tea plantations.

While you certainly won’t be roughing it by any means during your journey, your overnight stays and transport options will all be locally-run, meaning you’re not only supporting the local economies you visit, but enjoying a truly authentic experience in the destination.

The big-ticket attractions are must-sees for good reason, but follow a local slightly off the beaten path and that’s where you’ll find true magic. And that’s what travelling with Intrepid is all about.

Immerse yourself in your next Asia adventure with a local Intrepid guide at the helm.