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Movie Theatres and Massage: 5 Fabulous Uniworld Features

3rd October 2016

Cruising the Rhine is an experience that you won’t soon forget. This historical valley is home to ancient castles, picturesque vineyards, and enchanting legends, and Uniworld’s SS Antoinette is the perfect base from which to explore.

While there is plenty to do ashore, the SS Antoinette also offers a range of onboard activities and features that make the ship a destination all on its own, and our consultants recently picked out a few of their favourite features of this luxury super ship.

Le Cinema Pigalle

This onboard cinema was a really lovely added touch. Part of a holiday is to escape the daily reality and the ability to watch a movie in plush lounges was a much appreciated addition to the ship's facilities, and a great way to relax after a day of exploring.

Meaghan Wolf, Wolf & Turner Travel Associates, , Blackburn, VIC

Sommelier Service

My favourite experience on board was with the Sommelier, Levui, who was amazing and really knew his stuff.  On the first evening I wasn't enjoying the German Riesling and I asked them to take it away, and the next minute Levui was by my side asking me about the wine and where I was from and what sort of wine I like to drink at home. After a brief chat Levui returned to me with a German Sauvignon Blanc from the region we were cruising at that very moment, and it was amazing!!  After this experience, Levui made sure to ask how I was enjoying the wine every evening, or if I would prefer to try something new. 

Brenda Hayward, Noller & Turner Travel Associates, Rosalie, QLD

Swimming Pool

The pool area is an oasis lined with lounge chairs and illuminated by sunlight streaming through the crystal clean windows.  Uniworld’s fluffy towels were rolled and waiting. It was like a tranquil sunroom with refreshments and signature hand creams where guest could just sit back and relax.  The pool itself is fantastic and its location at the rear of the ship provided you with an amazing view whilst you swam and watched the beauties of the Rhine drift by.

Mark Langhorne, Freedman Langhorne & James Travel Associates, Sandringham, VIC

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Nightly Ship Updates

Each evening the Cruise Director would hold court and help guests understand the itinerary over the next few days, with interesting information on each port.  The sommelier would end the ship updates with an introduction to what the wines would be with dinner. He would also share a joke or lovely story, which added to the experience and made you really appreciate what you were drinking.    

Mark Langhorne, Freedman, Langhorne & James Travel Associates, Sandringham, VIC

Serenity River Spa

Spa attendant Peter was a master of many things and massage was one of his highest skills! Having a massage whilst on holiday is always a priority for me. I have experienced some amazing spas around the world and I am always comparing experiences. Peter offered a top-quality massage that was quickly the envy of our group. The price was in fact less than that of a big ship experience, and I would say the quality and consistency was 200% better. Peter performs his massage like a ritual designed to relax and delight your every sense.

Meaghan Wolf, Wolf & Turner Travel Associates, Blackburn, VIC

If you can tear yourself away from the delights of the ship, there are a myriad of historical and cultural experiences waiting for you on shore, enhanced by Uniworld’s informative lectures and thoughtful tours. Then again, you may just prefer to relax with a cocktail and revel in the luxury of the SS Antoinette, and who could blame you?