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Spicer’s Tamarind Retreat To Host Fine Food Festival

7th February 2018

The very first Sunshine Coast Asian Food Festival will be held this Sunday 11 February in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland village of Maleny in the luscious rainforest surrounds of Spicer’s Tamarind Retreat, home to the renowned Tamarind restaurant and cooking school. The sub-tropical climes of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland provide the perfect location for the Asian-inspired restaurants and cooking schools with Spicer's Tamarind Retreat a leading player in this space.

TA-Blog-Tamarind Retreat -dish.jpg

 Tamarind Retreat dish
Festival-goers will be treated to six dishes of this quality.

The Festival provides a wonderful opportunity for Tamarind’s award-winning chefs to showcase their culinary prowess which they will demonstrate over six dishes, that are also to be complemented by beverages to match the dishes’ flavours.  In addition to the cooking demonstrations, Festival-goers are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket and settle in for an afternoon of live entertainment and outstanding food.

For those attending the Festival there is the opportunity between tastings, to take a walk down to the beautiful Gardner’s Falls, along a dedicated walking track from Spicer’s Retreat’s grounds.

TA- Blog Tamarind Retreat-pool.jpg

 Tamarind Retreat pool
Why not extend your time in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and take advantage of the gorgeous accommodation and facilities at Spicer's Tamarind Retreat.

Food-lovers keen to extend their time in this truly beautiful part of the world, might like to consider staying in the beautiful accommodation that is part of the Spicers Tamarind Retreat. Here the environment draws on the natural calm of the rainforest setting, combining the tranquility of the Australian rainforest with a taste of Asia. With stunning grounds, sophisticated accommodation and award winning cuisine, the retreat offers a truly relaxing and unique experience.

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Tamarind Retreat bar
Delightful beverages and refreshments designed to perfectly complement the food will be available throughout the Festival.

Spicer’s Tamarind Retreat General Manager, Ryan Dillon, said that with the Retreat named after the highly-prized Asian tropical fruit, it was natural to hold the first-ever Sunshine Coast Asian Food Festival at The Tamarind.

“We grow many of the herbs and spices used in our dishes at The Tamarind and the Cooking School on the property, while the Sunshine Coast’s abundant, high-quality fish, meat, poultry and vegetables allow us to create rich and authentic dishes that highlight why Asian cuisine is so suited to the Sunshine Coast,” said Ryan.

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Tamarind Retreat
An Asian oasis right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

“When guests come to The Tamarind they get a real feel of a secluded, tropical haven, and yet we are just over half an hour from the Sunshine Coast’s beaches. That’s the secret of the Sunshine Coast – we are far more than beaches, and when people come up to the Hinterland they will discover a completely different and exotic world, where a beautiful landscape is matched by equally beautiful food and ambience.”

Images courtesy Spicer's Retreat Tamarind and Getty.