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Suitcase essentials for Thailand holidays

10th February 2014

If a Thailand holiday is on the cards for you this year, you'll likely be thinking about what you need to pack and plan before you leave for this mystical destination. Given its contrasts, from sandy white beaches to mountainous tranquillity and happening nightlife, what you need to pack for this country can be different to say Europe or New Zealand.

Here are some tips to help make sure you have everything you need.

1)      Thailand's hot and humid climate means you'll need to pack practical, light clothing. Shorts, t-shirts, light shirts and floaty dresses are good options. While casual clothing will be acceptable at resorts and on the main beaches, you need to cover up properly if you plan to visit temples or head to areas that are frequented by locals. A general guideline is to cover your chest to your knees.

2)      There can be a lot of mosquitoes in Thailand, so be sure to pack plenty of repellent. These guys are persistent so use a lotion which can be specifically applied to the ankles and wrists.

3)      If you plan on exploring areas well off the usual tourist path, consider packing your own toiletries as some items may not be available. Toilet paper, hand sanitiser and a traveller's size shampoo are  a good idea.

4)      You'll likely be spending plenty of time outdoors, so don't forget your high-SPF sunscreen, and sunglasses and hat. When you arrive in Thailand, pick up some bottled water at the airport, as you will need this to stay hydrated in the heat and tap water is not always a safe option.

With these few basics covered, you'll be well-placed to enjoy your holiday in Thailand.