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The Benefits of Flying Business Class

14th September 2012

You know what they say about mixing business with pleasure? It doesn’t apply to flying. Business Class isn’t just for CEOs and sharp suits. The cabin class is a luxe option for any traveller to consider, offering that happy medium between first class prices and cramped cabin classes.

So what exactly are the benefits?

1. Continue Working While You Fly

First and foremost, Business Class is a cabin designed to be conducive to business travellers, providing facilities that can allow them to continue work during their flight. As such, access to Business Class lounges, in-seat power supplies, USB ports and extra desk space are common, so if you want to watch movies on your laptop or iPad during your flight – the spacious facilities are there to do so.

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2. Extra Luxuries So You Arrive Refreshed

The beds in Qantas Business Class

But Business Class isn’t all about business. Comfort is a key component, essentially designed to ensure business travellers arrive at their next destination feeling refreshed and ready to continue on with their work. But you don’t have to be travelling on business to enjoy the benefits. Lie back and relax on flat beds or large reclinable seats, curl up with the complimentary pillows and bedding and stay refreshed with the supplied travel kits.

3. Complimentary Food, Drinks & Entertainment

Food and drinks are also served as complimentary, with some airlines even offering à la carte dining similar to that found in their First Class cabins. The entertainment options are also comparable, with Business Class passengers usually provided Video On Demand systems on seat-back or private screens.

4. Additional Baggage Allowance & More Space

Where Business Class generally differs to First Class is in regards to luggage and extras. First Class is often privy to larger luggage allowances and extras such as designer cosmetics, premium wines, more storage, spacious seats and access to First Class lounges.

With these factors in mind, flying with Business Class is a comfortable and convenient journey with more and more travellers who can’t quite make it to First Class, opting to enjoy the superior benefits of Business.

Have you flown business class? Would you recommend it?