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The Qatar Airways Experience

27th September 2018

Since its launch in 1997 Qatar Airways has achieved the remarkable honour of being named World’s Best Airline by Skytrax four times since 2011. Here’s why.


The line’s fleet of 220 aircraft flying to more than 150 destinations is one of the youngest in the world, featuring the new generation Airbus A380, A350 and Boeing B787 Dreamliners among others.


Qatar Airways A380
Qatar Airways A380

Technology in the new aircraft is said to reduce jet lag – the A350 for example is made of lightweight composite materials allowing cabin pressure to be reduced by about 25 per cent, easing strain on passengers. Corrosion-resistant materials allow a relatively high rate of humidity, air is purified every two minutes, tapered wing design means a noticeably quiet flight and a LED system allows mood lighting to simulate natural lighting changes to help passengers adapt to changing time zones.


Qatar’s lounges around the world are crowned by luxurious retreats in its home hub of Hamad International Airport in Qatar’s capital Doha.

The Al Safwa First Class Lounge oozes opulence with sandstone, marble and artworks and amid its overall massive space. There’s an indulgent spa centre (treatments at cost), 250-seat restaurant as well as a buffet, shower facilities and private areas to relax in peace.


almourjan resting area
Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge, Doha

The Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge’s dining options include an a la carte restaurant as well as a buffet, bar, relaxation rooms, a pool, shower and changing facilities, and conference centre. With high ceilings and capacity for more than 1000 there is never a sense of rushing to find a plush seat. Economy guests can buy access to the Al Mourjan lounge.

Seat Classes

First Class on the A380 features huge seats with large dividers to create private pods, no overhead bins as there is room for hand luggage in floor bins, and a bar. There is dine-on-demand service rather than set meal times, while supplied touches include pyjamas and noise cancelling headphones.


Qatar Airways A380 upper deck lounge
Qatar Airways A380 upper deck lounge

Business Class is where Qatar is kicking goals, particularly its revolutionary Qsuite on selected aircraft. These feature doors and privacy dividers, with fully flat beds. Guests in the middle row can lower the centre divider to effectively create a double room. Business Class also has dine-on-demand service.

Business Class cabins without Qsuites still feel like a hotel – on the A350 there is an entry lobby which becomes a space to stand and enjoy a drink and snack while stretching the legs.

Qatar claims their Economy seats are among the widest in the industry, with 4000 fingertip entertainment options, amenity kits and wifi on selected flights.


A concerted focus on service has helped propel Qatar to its various awards. From the welcome greeting through to meals and help with queries, the attentive service never seems to falter.


Qatar Airways crew
Qatar Airways crew

The airline does serve alcohol, but has plenty of non-alcoholic choices which tend to get far more prominence than other airlines promoting their fine wine lists.

Bottom Line

A comfortable and classy way to enjoy even long haul flights.

Experience this great service for yourself. Talk to our advisors about booking your next flight with Qatar Airways.