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The very best of Vanuatu

5th September 2012

Lately we’ve noticed an increase in our clients travelling to Vanuatu and for good reason. After all this South Pacific Island not only offers a range of luxury experiences and adventures, but its neighbouring location to our shores means less time flying and more time enjoying. Contrary to popular belief however, Vanuatu is more than just a flop and drop destination. This scenic volcanic island is home to numerous natural wonders, from the magical Mele Cascades to active volcanoes and thriving reefs. The culture is welcoming, the resorts are intimate and it’s all only a few hours plane ride away. Here we list the very best of Vanuatu.


BEST time to go

The weather in Vanuatu is balmy at the best of times, with temperatures averaging 23 to 28 degrees and the dry season taking place from April all the way through to October. This sunny period is the best time to visit Vanuatu as the weather provides ideal conditions for swimming and outdoor activities. While the temperatures grow even higher from November to March, this is when the wet season occurs with heavy rainfall and cyclones a common occurrence, particularly from December to March.


BEST way to stay

The new generation of resorts cropping up in Vanuatu are dedicated to providing a unique and intimate experience. Boutique resorts, private island locations and tropical surroundings make the most of Vanuatu’s natural beauty, leaving you to feel like you are on your own South Pacific Island. While the surrounds may be untouched, the resorts themselves are an exercise in modern luxury, fully equipped with the latest in technologies, comforts and privacy.


BEST place to snorkel

As it is surrounded by coral reefs and atolls, snorkelling is one of Vanuatu’s biggest draw cards. Day trips out to reefs will always provide you with the best spots to explore the ocean floor, but if you’d prefer to go your own way, Hideaway Island Resort is home to a fantastic marine sanctuary. The resort boasts 15 dive sites within 15 minutes from the shore and operates single tank dives (with the option of snorkelling), three times a day.

Mount Yasur at night


BEST view on the island

If you grow tired of the lagoon views from your resort (but really, who would?), consider climbing to the summit of Tanna Island’s Mount Yasur, also known as the world’s most accessible active Volcano. With a guide as you’re helping hand, you can climb to the crater’s edge and peer down to the fiery molten lava that lies inside. The actual climb to the top of Mount Yasur, while steep in parts, doesn’t take too much physical exertion and can be done by most adults and even children. We also recommend taking a guided climb of the mountain at night to see the volcano’s natural fireworks light up the sky.