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Top European touring in 2020

20th September 2019

European touring has changed a lot since that ‘it’s-Tuesday-so-it-must-be-Paris-pass-me-another-beer’ trip you did when you were 18. Whether you’re a millennial or more mature, tours these days tend to focus on slower-paced immersive itineraries with historical, culinary, and cultural experiences and time to explore independently. Here are some top Europe tours to try in 2020.

Take time to smell the roses with Back-Roads
Back-Roads’ leisurely tours have no more than 18 passengers and appeal to experienced travellers who prefer someone else looking after the driving and logistics. While tourist must-sees still make an appearance, these itineraries don’t simply drop by these sights and cities, but let travellers see a destination through the eyes of those who live there. Experienced guides weave fascinating tales as you wander the corridors of stately homes, show you the perfect spot to watch the sunset, and point you towards the patch of coastline where you can try oysters straight off the boat. Add boutique accommodation in atmospheric hotels and you’ve got the perfect trip.


Get ready for adventure with Bunnik Tours
Whether you’re an adventurous traveller looking for something new or want a classic European experience, Bunnik delivers with small group tours to the UK, Italy as well as Spain, Portugal & Morocco with a maximum of just 20 guests. Truffle hunt in the Langhe Region, take a gourmet walking tour in Sarajevo or haggle in the medinas in Morocco, you’ll experience and enjoy more on a Bunnik tour – with no hidden extras. Bunnik Tours’ small-group tour itineraries offer an appealing mix of organised sightseeing, special local experiences as well as time for independent exploration, with flights, all sightseeing, many meals and even taxes and tips (where appropriate) all included. With the freedom to explore, you’ll find some of the best experiences can be when you wander away from the group and make your own discoveries. With small-group tours that still use full-sized buses, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out on the bus with uninterrupted views and the flexibility to genuinely connect with the local people, places and culture with Bunnik Tours.


Discover the undiscovered with Globus
Venture off-the-beaten path with Globus, a tour company with more than 90 years of experience taking travellers to the world’s most beloved destinations. On a Globus Tour you’ll learn the true story behind a country, with itineraries that come packed with charm, tradition, and cultural beauty. There are many included visits to the must see sites and behind the scenes local experiences to help spotlight what makes each destination unique. In majority of cities you’ll enjoy a morning tour that allows you to learn about the place you are visiting, after which you can add optional excursions or enjoy the freedom to explore on your own in the authentic towns and landscapes of Europe. Whether you prefer to visit historic castles and palaces, or do guided walking tours of national parks and pretty coastal towns, these tours have got you covered.


See Europe like a local with Intrepid Travel
If you yearn to discover hidden trattorias in the backstreets of Italy, a tapas bar in Spain that only locals know about or the best market stalls in Turkey, Intrepid Travel will help you do it. These small group tours show you a destination through the eyes of Intrepid’s local tour leaders who live and breathe a destination, playing the role of teacher, travel guru and walking-talking guidebook. These local leaders will also boldly steer you through tangled laneways and help you strike up a conversation with locals with plenty of authentic experiences and insights into local life along the way. From sipping Croatian wine at a 15th-century vineyard to enjoying Sarajevo’s cafe culture, or visiting great wonders like Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, these are the moments that will leave you with lasting memories no matter which part of Europe you visit.


Stay a little longer with Collette
With a focus on cultural immersion and longer stays at beautiful, character-filled hotels, you don’t have to repack your bag every day on a Collette tour. The atmosphere is vibrant and engaging, with a lively mix of activities and like-minded travellers to enjoy them with. Having multiple nights in each location makes it feel as if you’re on a leisurely holiday with friends. In Venice, you could take a boat to Murano, a Venetian island famous for its glass, to watch a master glassblower at work or tour the city’s backstreets before a laugher-filled group dinner at a fabulous trattoria. Collette has 191 tours travelling to 64 countries across all 7 continents, so you’re sure to find an adventure to suit.


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