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U By Uniworld Launches Second Europe River Cruise Ship

11th June 2018

U by Uniworld has launched its second ship, The A. Originally aimed at the 21-to-45-year age group, the cruise line has since removed age restrictions, allowing the young-at-heart the opportunity to experience a fresh, new, active and immersive style of cruising along Europe’s Rhine, Main and Danube rivers.

The A carries just 120 passengers in one of four bedroom categories, all of which offer clean, simple décor and river views. Guests can choose from a Studio for two or three people, where each bed features its own flat-screen TV, safe and adjustable mood lighting, a Balcony Cabin or an expansive Suite, complete with seating area.

Gone are the ornate interiors that commonly feature on traditional Europe river cruise ships, replaced instead with a sleek, sophisticated design and simple colour scheme reminiscent of a boutique hotel.

Along with the hip new décor, passengers aboard The A can expect a laid-back, casual atmosphere, where the only dress code is that you must wear shirts and shoes. Communal tables in the restaurant encourage you to socialise with fellow travellers as you enjoy farm-to-table dining, while the neon-lit lounge and bar area give you even more excuses to mingle.

The sundeck has been revamped to offer a simple, yet relaxing environment with uninterrupted views of the riverbanks. It’s also the perfect spot for a morning yoga class.

On-board experiences are exciting and varied, from silent discos and yoga classes to wine tastings and even mixology classes to help you create the perfect cocktail. Shore excursions are equally varied, with active options such as kayaking and scenic bike rides offered alongside pub crawls and foodie walking tours.

Another key difference is that the ship will stay longer in port, including some overnight stops. This gives guests the opportunity to experience the local nightlife, enjoy dinner ashore or see the sights in a new light, such as a night-time tour of a medieval castle.

The most notable difference however is the lower price tag compared with standard Europe river cruises. By offering fewer included meals and shore excursions, The A offers passengers more choice and control over their budget and how it’s spent. You will still enjoy brunch and dinner daily as well as select non-alcoholic drinks on board. One shore excursion per day is also included, but other snacks, drinks and excursion options are offered at additional cost, so your final bill depends solely on your choices, rather than a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Obviously on a cruise aimed at a younger generation, free wi-fi is also included, as is all tipping!

Speak to your travel advisor, to learn more about the range of itineraries offered on The A.