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Viewing the Northern Lights is one of the most iconic and sought-after experiences a traveller can have, let alone seeing them at the brightest they'll be for 20 years. This coming September, through to March 2025 brings upon us a Solar Maximum, resulting in the Northern Lights coming to life for a truly unforgettable experience.

Bare witness to this natural phenomenon like never before - don't miss out by ensuring you plan now.

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What is more magical than not only witnessing the brightest northern lights, but viewing them onboard an expedition ship? Hurtigruten, the iconic leader in Norwegian coastal voyages since 1893, offers exceptional opportunities to witness the Northern Lights.

Hurtigruten offers its remarkable Northern Lights Promise, providing guests a second chance to witness the phenomenon should the lights not come out to play. Appointing Tom Kerss as the world's first 'Chief Aurora Chaser' further solidifies Hurtigruten's status as the foremost authority in Northern Lights experiences. Tom will enhance your journey through digital talks, webinars, and engaging activities woven throughout your expedition to give you a true understanding of the wondrous white world you are embarking into.



Maybe being surrounded by snow is more your style? There's no better place than the Yukon to build snowmen by day and be dazzled by painted skies by night. Small but mighty, The Yukon is one of Canada's hidden gems and is situated within the Aurora Oval. Offering prime Northern Lights viewing due to its proximity to the magnetic poles, The Yukon boasts 240 days of Aurora activity annually. From August to April, the skies illuminate with dazzling displays, intensified by the Solar Maxx cycle until the end of winter of 2025/26. Whitehorse, the Yukon's capital, serves as a hub for Northern Lights tours. Visitors can also indulge in glassblowing at Lumel Studios and explore adventurous activities like dog sledding and heli-hiking, with accommodation options ranging from rustic downtown inns to modern forest cabins. View our recommendations below.


Northern Lights Luxury Cruises

Venture into the white wilderness with expert guides at your side. Experiencing the Northern Lights by sea is a true luxury in itself, let alone with the likes of Hurtigruten. Browse some of our favourite cruises for viewing the Northern Lights, or speak to your advisor for more.

"Norway is undeniably the premier location for experiencing the Northern Lights, and Hurtigruten provides an unparalleled platform for travellers to witness this celestial marvel. Teaming up with Hurtigruten amplifies our ability to share the magic of this phenomenon with travellers from around the globe, making unparalleled voyages to witness the astonishing Arctic skies." - Tom Kerrs, Hurtigruten Chief Aurora Chaser


Northern Lights Luxury Stays & Tours

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Northern Lights Signature Itineraries

At Travel Associates, we are known for our one of a kind Signature Itineraries, and what better way to see the Northern Lights!

For a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, witness the world's dazzling light display in a glass igloo in Swedish Lapland, or adventure on an Aurora Borealis viewing tour in the Yukon.

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