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Business Class Flights

Experience the comforts of flying business class on your next holiday, and feel the difference. Enjoy the quiet surroundings of a private business class cabin as you sink in to the extra wide arm chair seat. With generous leg room, there’s ample space to stretch out too. Some business class seats transform into fully lie-flat beds, depending on the route and aircraft type. Snuggle under the duvet, adjust your fluffy pillow and relax in cosy comfort from take-off to landing.

Why fly Business Class

It’s not just the seat that makes flying business class so special. Friendly, professional service by dedicated business class cabin crew is accompanied by a full range of complimentary perks that make any flight significantly better. From pre-departure beverages and delicious inflight meals prepared individually (and served on real dishware) to your own noise cancelling headphones and the full range of inflight entertainment options, a business class flight sure is a magnificent way to begin and end your holiday.

Don’t want to fly business class the whole way? Travel Associates can arrange mixed class flights that incorporate different classes for each segment of your journey, plus stopovers and so much more for a flying experience like no other.