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Mixed Class Flights

Enjoy the flexibility to mix and match travel classes to suit your needs and budget, and ideal flight experience, while still remaining on the one convenient, user-friendly ticket. Whether you’re off on a straightforward return flight – either domestic or international – or a round-the-world rendezvous with multiple stops along the way, you can incorporate various cabin classes to suit your needs and preferences at different stages of your holiday.

Why choose a mixed class airfare?

For many, a mixed class airfare offers the flexibility to upgrade to a higher cabin class for just a portion of their journey – to reap the benefits of a premium economy, business class or first class flight, just when they need it. 

Some travellers like the idea of arriving in their destination feeling refreshed after a long-haul flight in premium economy or business class so they can hit the ground running and kick off their holiday with the best start – but are happy to fly home in economy. Others prefer it the other way round, for the perfect mix of value and pleasure.

For some, it’s a matter of timing. Some flights may depart during the middle of the day, when you least want to sleep, while others may depart late in the evening, when the creature comforts and spaciousness of a business class seat or premium economy is particularly enticing. For others, a mixed class airfare allows the chance to simply ‘try’ a new cabin class for the first time – to give it a test run, without committing for the full journey. Why not see what it's like to fly first class, at least once in your life? It really is an experience like no other.

There are many wonderful ways to reap the benefits of a mixed class airfare, for a journey that is all the more comfortable and enjoyable, without going over the top on your budget. Travel Associates can arrange mixed class flights, plus stopovers and so much more for a superior flying experience.