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4 reasons why you should stay in an overwater bungalow at least once in your life

27th August 2014

You've likely seen images of them on television or in the movies. Crystal-clear waters, gorgeous thatch-roofed properties and endless sunny skies in tropical destinations around the world - yes, overwater bungalows are truly a luxurious accommodation option for any holiday.

Here are four reasons why you should take the plunge and stay at an overwater bungalow. 1 - They are in lush destinations around the world A few destinations dotted throughout the oceans are home to overwater bungalows, so you can have your pick of the bunch. Tahiti, particularly Bora Bora, is one of your options. Here, you'll find a range of these beautiful properties hovering above the water, giving you unparalleled access to the warm, tropical ocean below. The Maldives islands, peppered amongst the Indian Ocean, are also home to some stunning overwater bungalows for you to consider. There's no better way to experience your destination than with the unique outlook these homes provide, wherever you are in the world. 2 - They are absolutely luxurious If you are looking to treat yourself while on holiday, staying in an overwater bungalow is the way to do it. At your destination of choice you will likely have options as to the size and grandeur of your own bungalow, depending on your budget.

Be sure to splurge where you can, because the most deluxe of overwater bungalows will have sumptuous features such as the best views, plush beds and sofas, spa baths, expansive decks, impressive stereo systems and televisions. While every overwater bungalow you come across will be comfortable and will offer a beautiful experience, that extra touch of luxury can make all the difference. 3 - There's something to cater for everyone Whether you're travelling solo, as a couple or with a group of family or friends, there's an overwater bungalow to suit. Couples will love the option of a private bungalow nestled away from everybody else, in a cosy, intimate setting with gorgeous views and everything they need at hand. Family and friend groups, on the other hand, can stay with one another or be situated close by. This makes it easy to get together for shared activities and to enjoy everything these unique accommodation options offer. 4 - You can look forward to extra special features Some overwater bungalows have additional special features that make them even more alluring and appealing. For example, imagine a relaxed breakfast in your bungalow sipping on coffee and eating some fresh fruit, all the while looking down at a sheer glass panel below that gives you a beautiful view of the underwater world! Expect to see colourful fish and other marine creatures glide below your thatched-roof accommodation as you gaze into the gorgeous depths. In addition to this, most will have direct water access. For example, there might be a ladder that leads down to the ocean below, so you can simply step out of your room and plunge into the inviting ocean for a swim whenever you feel like it. It's these wonderful features that make staying in an overwater bungalow extra special. If you're looking for a high-end accommodation option that also offers something unique, you're sure to enjoy your stay. Find out more about how you can travel and enjoy making an overwater bungalow your temporary home by making an appointment to see one of our well travelled and experienced consultants at your nearest Travel Associates store. With knowledge of the various options around the world and the magnificent features they offer, our consultants can help you find the overwater bungalow that's right for you.