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Five reasons why you should go on a river cruise in europe

29th August 2014

There are many ways to explore Europe. You can bus, train, fly, drive, walk or as many Australians are discovering you can slowly meander down rivers on a river cruise. Anthony Lee of Yee & Turner Travel Associates in Kenmore describes five great reasons to take a river cruise.

Slow peaceful pace: There is a tranquility that is delivered by meandering along a river at the rivers pace. It’s peaceful. Cruising along a river from village to village avoids being caught up with trucks along noisy clogged up European highways.

Amazing unique scenery: The scenery can be as diverse as stunning vineyard lined gorges, sweeping fertile farmland plains or ancient old growth forest. For centuries, rivers have been the main trade routes. The aristocracy, who prospered from the trade, built their castles along escarpments on river bends. The best way to visit and marvel at these historical masterpieces is along those same trade routes on a river cruise. Rather than docking in common well known larger cities, the river cruises tend to stop in smaller villages where many travelers have never been, providing new and unique experiences.

Unpack once: As opposed to arriving in a new hotel every few days and unpacking and repacking, once you are on the ship you unpack once and don’t repack until you leave. You will have all your travel belongings neatly there at hand.

All inclusive: The all inclusive nature of the river cruises means that the only time the wallet comes out is for the purchase of souvenirs. All fine dining meals, beverages and shore excursions are included in the price.

Destination proximity: River cruise ships dock in the middle of the villages and towns. This gives easy access to all attractions and gives passengers the option to wander off on their own if they wish to explore independently.

If you wish to find out more about river cruises then call Anthony at Yee & Turner Travel Associates in Kenmore on 1800 053 356 or enquire online

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