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2023 - A Year of Luxury Travel

19th December 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the extraordinary journeys our clients embarked upon with Travel Associates. This year was a testament to the insatiable wanderlust that comes with true luxury travel, with each itinerary embodying opulence and adventure. From luxurious hotel stays to breathtaking cruises, our statistics unveil a year of one of a kind experiences. Join us on a trip down memory lane, celebrating the holiday moments perfectly crafted by our Advisors that made 2023 a truly exceptional year for Travel Associates.


In the lap of luxury, our most extravagant hotel booking of 2023 reached unparalleled heights, with a jaw-dropping expenditure of $784,056! Nestled in the opulence of St Tropez, one Advisor curated the most exquisite stay. A discerning traveller indulged in 23 nights of pure luxury within a singular suite, translating to an astounding $37,000 per night—an extraordinary testament to our one of a kind stays and the exceptional bespoke services offered by our luxury Travel Advisors.



This was a hotly contested position, with a Scenic Eclipse II Penthouse Suite experience in the Kimberley valued at over $280,000 coming in a close second. But our most extravagant cruise of 2024 was a very lucky client enjoying 3 back-to-back Seabourn cruises, starting with a 34-night itinerary from Singapore to Athens, followed by a 24-night itinerary from Athens to Portugal, all before embarking on a 90-night Grand Africa Voyage - and all in a Penthouse Suite! An incredible experience like this could only be crafted by one of our amazing Travel Associates Advisors, ensuring every piece of this 148-night sail was planned to perfection. Coming in at over $400,000, we have no doubt it was the holiday of a lifetime!


Embarking on the spirit of adventure, for one fortunate family 2023 unfolded as a grand journey in Africa! A $226,000 investment led them through the heart of the continent, encompassing a Gorilla Trekking Tour, a Kenya Safari, a Chobe Safari, and a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls. This bespoke journey exemplified the art our Advisors possess of crafting unforgettable family memories.


Exploring the most exclusive destination on Earth, our Travel Associates clients spared no expense in their pursuit of the extraordinary! Expeditioning to Antarctica carried an average price tag of $41,612 per trip for 2023. Each journey, carefully constructed by our knowledgeable Advisors, became a bespoke odyssey, offering a front-row seat to the awe-inspiring wonders of the frozen continent. From colossal icebergs to mesmerising wildlife, we’re certain these travels were filled with enchanting penguin encounters!


Our clients took to the skies in grand style, boarding a staggering 24,621 first and business class flights in 2023. Good thing our industry-expert Advisors always have their finger on the pulse, looking for the most exquisite luxury flight itineraries! Of this sky-high figure, 1,497 of these glamourous jet-setters ventured to Italy. Oh, to know the journeys they adventured as they traversed the globe!


The embodiment of exclusivity unfolded with a Remote Reaches & Scandinavian Journey, by private jet nonetheless! This bespoke flight itinerary showcased the tailored, opulent experiences our Advisors seamlessly orchestrate. And what’s more, this was one of many private jet itineraries our Advisors curated in 2023.



Across the globe, our clients indulged in the splendour of 14,852 one of a kind hotel stays. From secluded boutique retreats nestled in breathtaking landscapes to iconic urban sanctuaries, these accommodations were carefully selected by our Advisors to ensure that every moment of our clients' journeys were infused with a touch of luxe!



Our family of Travel Advisors grew even stronger in 2023, welcoming 84 new talented individuals across our Australia & New Zealand teams bringing over 1,000 years of combined experience to the Travel Associates family! Their addition promises an even more enriched and personalised travel experience for our clients in the years to come. 


The allure of the United Kingdom captivated our clients, emerging as the most popular international destination in 2023. From the regal streets of London to the serene landscapes of the countryside, our travellers revelled in the charm of this timeless destination. As an added bonus, our advisors know this is the perfect starting point for clients beginning their European adventures due to the numerous connection options available!


As we close the chapter on 2023, these statistics are not just numbers; they are a testament to the extraordinary journeys, bespoke experiences, and unwavering commitment to luxury that define Travel Associates. Here's to a year filled with unparalleled opulence, a promise of even more extraordinary adventures in the years to come and an unwavering commitment to luxury that only a Travel Associates advisor does so well. Safe travels and see you soon!


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