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A Surreal Spa Experience

5th April 2012

Queenstown is a remarkable destination, offering stunning scenery and extraordinary experiences.

Despite being overwhelmed by many other memorable activities, like jet-boating and wine tasting, my treatment at eforea: spa at Hilton Queenstown stood out as a highlight of my holiday.

eforea: spa is a global spa solution offered by Hilton and is an opportunity not to be missed if you are presented with the privilege.

eforea: spa at Hilton Queenstown boasts ten exquisite treatment rooms and a vast menu of spa treatments to choose from. With only one hour to spare, I found it extremely difficult to settle on just one luxurious therapy.

After a few exhausting days, I opted for the renewing anti-oxidant facial. Based on the influential art of aromatherapy, it is a deluxe spa treatment which combines different organic botanicals with a range of antioxidants and vitamins; leaving the skin looking fresh and radiant.

I was impressed before the treatment even began. I was ushered to an extravagant change room, where a personal locker with a fluffy dressing gown and slippers awaited me. On my way back to the spa rooms, I passed the stunning sauna and lap pool.










After reclining in the waiting lounge with a refreshing glass of lemon water, I was taken to my dimly-lit, sweet-smelling treatment room.










First, I was treated to an enzyme peel, which tingled as it infused into my skin.  Once removed, I was given a deep-cleansing acupressure facial. The facial was performed in harmony with sounds of nature and a bouquet of organic scented oils. The treatment was just as relaxing for my mind as it was for my face.

Warm pebbles were then run along the contours of my face, quickly followed by cold stones. The contrast in temperature was invigorating to say the least. Aside from its immediate uplifting effect, I was told it would reduce puffiness and clear my energy pathways.

My therapist followed the soothing stones with an eye treatment and scalp massage. My neck was turned to one side and any tension was massaged out across my head, neck and shoulders.  The relaxing sensation was well worth the side effect of oily hair...

I wake to my spa therapist asking if I'd like some water and only then did I realise I must have dozed off.  Needless to say the treatment was unbelievably calming and restorative.

My spa experience at Hilton Queenstown was surreal or what you might call... ‘eforeal’.