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Beneath the Surface: Europe

28th February 2020

Some of the most authentic travel experiences can be found just beneath the surface of Europe’s beloved destinations.


Jewels of the Adriatic

Despite being just a stone’s throw away from popular Dubrovnik, the idyllic towns that dot the glistening Croatian coastline remain relatively untouched by many holiday-goers. The towns of Zadar and Pula are ripe for exploring, filled with Roman ruins, incredible architecture and eclectic Adriatic flavours. Not to be understated is the sheer natural beauty of the countryside either. Dramatic limestone cliffs plunge into the sapphire waters along the coastline speckled with gorgeous beaches, while inland the Plitvice National Park is a treasure trove of forest, waterfalls and lakes.


Plitvice National Park, Croatia
Plitvice National Park, Croatia


A Feast of Sights and Flavours

Scattered throughout the landscapes of Southern Italy are fragments of the past. History buffs will fall in love with this region, but there’s unforgettable scenery here as well; from the undulating countryside of Puglia to the dramatic and volcanic Sicily. There’s art in Naples, sun and sand in Sorrento, and great food everywhere. The Italian’s aptitude for cooking captures the region’s incredible Mediterranean flavours, and whether it’s an original Neapolitan pizza in Campania or fresh goat’s cheese and olive oil from the wilds of Abruzzo, there’s plenty to keep you lingering over lunch.


Call of the Highlands

From crumbling castles perched on hilltops to fog-laden moors steeped in legend, there’s something magical about Scotland. While Edinburgh and Glasgow are busy year-round, the Scottish Highlands still hold their secrets. The region contains some of Europe’s last remaining wilderness areas, but there are still whiskey distilleries to visit and fishing ports to explore. There are also plenty of islands; from the bewitching Orkney Islands where you’ll find the remains of a 5,000-year-old Neolithic village, to the Isles of Skye, Mull and Iona, rich in clan history.


The Spanish Soul

Sprinkled with zany Gaudi creations, Barcelona is sun-kissed bliss by the Mediterranean, while capital city Madrid has an incredible energy for life. But further south, there’s more waiting to be explored. Recent years have seen Malaga emerge as a new centre of culture; boasting 30 museums, a formidable Alcazaba and a revitalised harbour area that’s filled with life. And it’s not just in the city – the countryside here is the Spain of our imaginations. Stray inland to find sunburnt hills filled with olive trees, ancient white-stone villages on mountaintops, and plazas awash with the fragrance of oranges and sounds of lilting guitars.


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