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Big fun on Hawaii's Big Island

7th July 2014

There’s nothing like an adventure packed holiday to bring a family together, especially when the destination is Hawaii.

Rachel Visser from Langhorne & James Travel Associates in Sandringham and her family of 10 recently set out on a 7 day adventure to ‘the big island'. The uniquely Hawaiian landscape features a diverse mix of lush green prairies and rainforests, black sand beaches and lava formed rock walls, where the land meets the sea in flows of fiery, molten lava and peaceful palm tree lined stretches of sand.

Hawaiian Hotties

The best way to experience the Big Island is by getting out and taking part in all the thrilling adventure activities. First, you’ll want to meet some of Hawaii’s hottest residents, the steaming, lava spewing volcanoes and lava flows that make up the United States’ Volcanoes National Park.

From Crater Rim Drive, with its spectacular overlook and ‘Devastation Trail’ to the Puu Oo’ lava vent where visitors can witness the climactic meeting of the red hot lava flow with the cool, blue sea; a trip to this rare park is the ultimate Hawaiian experience, and an unforgettable one at that.

A ‘must do’ activity on Rachel’s list is a volcano day tour incorporated with a helicopter fly over. There is nothing quite like looking down into the crater of an active volcano, and from the air, one can more clearly see the role that these monolithic blasters played in the formation of America’s biggest island.

A fly over also reveals the island’s other fascinating eco-systems.

“The Kona side of the Big Island looks like a moonscape due to volcano eruptions 200-300 years ago,” said Rachel.

“One side is blue sparkling ocean and the other side is black solid lava as far as the eye can see. The western side of the island near the town of Hilo is lush with green canyons & beautiful valleys of rainforests.”

As Rachel recounted her remarkable family trip, she reflected on the beautiful big island of  Hawaii and all that it has to offer. “We saw lava caves, valleys of rainforests, wild flowers, mountainous ranges and cascading waterfalls, went paddle boarding, canoeing and swam at stunning beaches. This island is perfect for the adventurer, hikers and nature lovers alike.  The big island has something for everyone!”