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Rovos Rail Journey - the pride of South Africa

4th July 2014

South Africa is a nation of contrasts. From the wide open plains where exotic wildlife roam free to the breathtaking mountain ranges and coastline with stunning Cape of Good Hope views, this is a country full of wonder and excitement.

Travel Associates consultant Fiona Boileau recently had the pleasure of discovering South Africa for herself. One of the highlights was the celebrated Rovos train journey through the beautiful South African countryside where you can experience luxury train travel at its finest.

Edwardian Elegance on Rails

The warmth of summer was still hanging in the air, but the South African autumn was beginning to settle in as the golden hues of sunlight drenched the landscape in glorious colour. As the luxurious Rovos Rail journey wound its way through the wide open plains, the delicate china and glass wear were being readied for another fine dining meal service.

The plush Victorian dining car, with its rich, dark wood accents, glowed from the romantic light of the crystal wall sconces as the team of chefs readied yet another sumptuous feast. The food and attention to detail, were as always, perfect. This is after all a train made famous for its exceptional service and lavish style. With two dining cars, elegantly appointed smoking and non-smoking lounges, comfortable sleeping cars and the ever popular observation car where riders can take advantage of the passing landscape, the Rovos has gained an international reputation as one of the world’s great rail journeys.

Booking with Confidence

Fiona described her Rovos journey in one word, “exceptional.” She went on to praise the wonderful food and service but most of all, it was about the relaxing atmosphere and joy of sharing the unforgettable adventure with her fellow travellers. And if there’s one thing Fiona took away from the experience, it is that she can book this journey for her clients with complete confidence, knowing through first-hand experience that her clients are sure to enjoy this memorable journey as much as she did.

Fiona Boileau is a consultant at Gunther & Turner Travel Associates in beautiful Toowoomba, Queensland. Fiona has been passionate about travel from an early age, and with over twenty years experience in the travel industry, she is able to assist in the planning and booking of your next holiday, no matter how near or far.