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Challenge yourself: How to push your boundaries travelling

24th December 2013

Sometimes travel is about relaxing completely and letting go of any stresses, such as during a holiday in Vanuatu or other Pacific haven.

Another type of travel, however, involves challenging yourself and pushing your personal boundaries.

Whether it's hiking through the jungle with Thailand tours or skydiving over the US desert, there are plenty of ways you can focus on personal development while travelling. Here are some ideas.

Travel alone

Travelling solo has its benefits. You get to choose where to go, what to do and when, where to stay, what to eat and more! You can simply follow your own heart and desires.

However, travelling alone of course comes with some challenges. Sometimes you have to rely on your own nous - if you miss a train or a connection, there's no-one to share in the stresses with or to be by your side, so you invariably develop a thick skin and great problem-solving ability.


Want to travel, make a difference and challenge yourself? Consider volunteering while abroad. There are many different organisations offering various experiences, from building houses for those in need to teaching young orphans.

Often, this is a challenging experience due to the work involved and the locations you are visiting - there are few home comforts! You may also hear some sad stories along the way.

However, you are likely to make bonds to last a lifetime, become more confident, be more appreciative of what you have and feel fulfilled knowing that you made a difference in somebody's life.

Do something exotic

This might mean anything from trying a new meal you're really uncertain about to flying off to a remote African safari!

You know your own limits and what's realistic for you while still giving yourself a healthy dose of adventure.

Maybe you want to hike to Mt Everest Base Camp, or go hiking in Hawaii. Perhaps white-water rafting in New Zealand or a hot air balloon ride in the Napa Valley would be a great way to engage some personal development.

Don't be afraid to get a little out of your comfort zone and experience the wonders that await-  you might not think you can do it yet, but you can.