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Collette Explorations. Spark Your Sense of Wander.

26th October 2018

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

There are countless clever quotes about travel. Mark Twain, Helen Keller, John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway to name just a few.  These snippets inspire and enlighten us with their literary wit and philosophical observations, but have you ever wondered what state of mind produces such wisdom? What is it about these great writers that so draws them like helpless moths to the flame of travel?

To many, travel is just a simple escape. A respite from the office drudgery and daily commute. A deckchair in the sun, warm sand between the toes and a fruity cocktail within arms' reach. To these people, travel is a balmy tonic and a chance to purge the built-up stress of daily life.

But others seek more. Indeed, demand more.

Our wonderful planet still holds a bounty of marvels for the inquisitive mind and this is where unusual travel companies like Collette fill the gap. Their clever tagline 'Spark your Sense of Wander' perfectly encapsulates their motivation to entice you to embark on one of the many Collette Explorations.

Collette invites you to develop a deeper, more meaningful connection to the cultures of the world, an opportunity to learn, discover and to experience a taste of everyday life that somehow feels extraordinary. If you have read this far, then you know it's a yearning inside of you that needs to be satisfied.

Each of these intimate and personal journeys comprise fewer than 19 people, allowing for the type of active, enriching and rewarding experiences you'll never achieve on a whirlwind bus tour.

And the world is nothing without its people and their myriad cultures. Sometimes won’t recall the places you've been as much as the people you’ve met and the like-minded connections you've made both with locals and your new companions. Explorations allow you to see and immerse yourself in a new destination by connecting you with the cultures for a fresh perspective of the world.

Every culture has its cuisine and is so much more than simply taste and texture. Food prepared and served in places like Italy's Tuscany is all about the experience and ambiance accompanying a richly flavoursome meal. Collette Explorations will delight the entire palate, creating a most memorable epicurean adventure.

You will never expand your horizons unless you step outside your comfort zone and Collette invites you to do just that. Whether it's paddling along a jungle river with the many sounds of the forest as your musical accompaniment, the spectacular Northern Lights or reaching a peak in the Swiss Alps for a view to forever. These are the moments that will stay with you forever.

And come day's end, you won't be cloistered in some bland 'cookie-cutter' hotel. Instead you'll fall blissfully asleep amid the authentic surrounds of your new destination in a room that perfectly harmonises your new experiences.

Whether it's Europe, Scandinavia, Asia or the Americas, Collette has Explorations to quench both your wanderlust and your lust for wonder.

To discover Collette's Exploration range of tours, talk to a Travel Associates advisor and satisfy your wanderlust and sense of adventure.