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Cruising the Malacca Strait on Superstar Virgo

18th August 2014

Singapore has always been a great place for Australians to enjoy a long weekend or short getaway. From the alluring hotels to world class shopping, dining and big name attractions, this sultry city of unblemished character offers a huge array of swanky, fun filled activities.

For all the fun and excitement of the city, Singapore is also the perfect location from which to kick off a cruise. Because of its crucial position, Singapore enjoys one of the busiest ports in the world and with it, two world class cruise terminals. Attracting ships both big and small, from cruise lines around the world, the selection of itineraries is endless. Recently, Susan Anderson from Thesinger & Turner Travel Associates in Norwood, South Australia enjoyed one of the most popular cruise itineraries out of Singapore – the relaxingly paced voyage up the Malacca Strait. Including such popular destinations as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Phuket and a host of other tropical destinations along the Thai peninsula, it’s easy to see why this remains one of the most popular cruises around. For her cruising pleasure, Susan chose the venerable SuperStar Virgo. Endowed with all the luxury trappings one would expect on today’s modern ocean liners, Virgo is bedecked with great restaurant – from casual to fine dining – bars and lounges, an extensive casino, a cinema, a showroom featuring the best in stage entertainment and of course all the outdoor fun to be had around the sun decks and pools. “Superstar Virgo is a great ship for those accustomed to cruising,” said Susan. “It is big, vibrant and has a lot to offer travellers from all walks of life – and our balcony cabin on board was the best!” The Palazzo Restaurant on board is a must according to Susan. “Everything you look at is Versace! The surroundings are beautiful, the service was great and it was at a very affordable surcharge.” On your next trip to Singapore, consider extending your holiday and enjoy a cruise out of this beautiful city. Whether it’s a short excursion up the Malacca Strait or a voyage spanning the globe, this is one port where you’re sure to find loads of relaxing and adventure packed cruise itineraries to choose from.