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Where we've sent our clients: Kicking back in the Kimberley

20th August 2014

Brice and Turner Travel Associates client and world traveller Beatrice Franke recently explored a destination slightly closer to home, but no less fascinating and picturesque.  The Perth native went on a fun filled journey to the beautiful Kimberley, on Western Australia’s northern tip.

Known for its long, white sand beaches, hidden lakes and swimming holes and vast rocky outcrops, the Kimberley makes for an enchanting destination.  Ancient geological wonders bear the mark of fossils, millions of years old. Deposited when the receding seas which covered this now rugged land dried up, the Kimberley was left with a diverse landscape dotted with refreshing water holes, springs and waterfalls.

Beginning her journey in the inviting hills and scenic ranges near Kununurra, Beatrice became enamoured with the natural beauty of the area on a cruise around Lake Argyle. At almost 40 square miles in area, this beckoning body of water has become one of the most important sanctuaries for migratory birds.

“Lake Argyle was a highlight of the trip,” said Beatrice. “Our tour picked us up at our hotel for the 70 km journey from Kununurra for the full day cruise on a catamaran – it was brilliant for relaxing and recharging the batteries.  The cruise was limited to 20 people too which was nice. Lunch was provided and they stopped several times for people to have a swim. Best of all, they timed the return to coincide with the sunset which was just beautiful – we were able to get lots of nice pics!”

From the stunning natural scenery, fascinating wildlife and local interests, Beatrice found there to be many fascinating attractions to pass the time. “There are plenty of things to do in and around Kununurra,” said Beatrice. “Even if you’re not into fishing for barramundi, there are shops, cafes and galleries, the Sandalwood Factory, cruising on Lake Kununurra and Lake Argyle, crocodile spotting, fishing.... and those magnificent landscapes!  We would have liked to spend one or two more days as we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to.”

Soon it was off to another of the Kimberley’s outstanding destinations – Broome. Winter time turns this otherwise tranquil town into a buzzing hub of warm weather activity with dozens of glorious beaches to choose from. “We found some interesting tours in Broome although they were a bit on the pricey side,” noted Beatrice.

From an engaging four hour humpback whale sightseeing tour to a whizzing hover craft ride over the mudflats at low tide to see a collection of fossilised dinosaur footprints, the outdoor activities of Broome highlighted the areas rich historic and natural environment.

With her exciting in-depth tour of the Kimberley behind her, Beatrice is already looking forward to her next holiday adventure.

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