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Destination Me Time

10th October 2018

Partners, parents, children or friends… we love travelling with them. Whiling away the days on exotic wave-licked shores is how memories are made. And Bali is one of the favourite sojourns for Australians. But how about enjoying some luxury me-time in Bali? Worried it might be lonely? Actually, it can be quite the opposite—life affirming, even. Especially at one of Bali's most luxury 5-star hotels.

Me, myself and I

Bali is flocked-to by visitors from all over the world. And Seminyak is one of the isle’s most vibrant hubs. But don’t be afraid of your own company there. Renew your friendship with yourself—that person you may have neglected while life’s pressures and commitments seized your attention. And finding some meaningful alone time on the outskirts of the village at a luxurious Alila Seminyak studio might be just what the holistic doctor ordered.

Cocoon yourself into a private studio in search of your own utopia. By de-cluttering your thoughts and embracing solitude, you’ll find that your mind will defragment and you’ll hear yourself think. Come sunrise or sunset, roll out that yoga mat and salute the sun in a vinyasa flow. 

Make time to meditate, stretch and breathe. Or increase the peace through a vow of silence, upgrading your space into your ultimate hermitage. Maybe rediscover the indulgence of reading an entire novel. With the mind recalibrated, here is where you’ll shed layers of excess emotional baggage that no longer serve you. And when you feel energised and ready for some cultural stimulation, you can enjoy that too.

Studios at Alila Seminyak offer you a selection of sustainable tourism and lifestyle experiences that nurture body and soul. You can dedicate your stay to clearing, freeing and opening your mind, detoxing your digestive system with clean, nutrient-packed health foods, and enhancing your physical fitness. You might choose the Inspirational Bali experience that visits temples and teaches you how to make the traditional canang offering. Or perhaps the Spin in the Countryside tour is more your calling, cycling between verdant rice fields that’ll offer a bucolic window into local Balinese life.

Then, when you return to your nurturing nest, embellish your healing with complementary therapies. Body massage treatments are no longer a luxury in the fast-paced world we now inhabit, but a necessity to return us to a state of homeostasis. Whether you seek a meridian-clearing reflexology treatment, a congestion-clearing volcanic clay facial or a knot-busting remedial massage, you will stimulate and strengthen both your body and mind.

And of course, ignore the TV remote, switch off the Wi-Fi and keep the mobile in the drawer to completely de-tech. Unplugged from the tethers of digital addiction, you’ll retrain your ears to hear the birds sing and the sigh of the breeze.

Think some alone time be right for you? Then book that trip away with yourself. You may even find you feel like you’ve reached a home away from home—after all, your body is your ultimate sanctuary.



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