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Top Locations for Females Travelling Alone

20th June 2019

They say life begins outside of your comfort zone, and the concept of escaping to a foreign place far removed from your daily life is one that can come with challenges, but overall, pays off in intrinsic rewards. Few things are more rewarding than setting off on a great adventure especially as a solo traveller. The world is yours to explore, wherever, whenever and however you please. Why not start with these cities?

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Solo Traveller in Amsterdam
Solo Travel in Amsterdam


Kyoto, Japan

Good news for solo female travellers: Japanese people are inherently welcoming and willing to lend a hand to foreigners. Day tours offer a great overview of city landmarks and the chance to meet like-minded travellers, before you head off on your own. Japan’s transport systems are world class and a reliable way to get around if you’re ever lost, you’ll always find someone willing to point you in the right direction.

Kyoto is a languid alternative to the buzz of bigger cities Tokyo and Osaka, with its sprawl of garden paths and temples, especially along the Philosopher’s Walk. An abundance of cosy hole-in-the-wall eateries and must-see districts, including geisha capital Gion, rounds out why we love visiting.

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Kyoto, Japan at Philosopher's Walk in the spring
Kyoto, Japan at Philosopher's Walk in the spring


Queenstown, New Zealand

The South Island’s adventure capital is a mecca for solo intrepids looking for the next biggest, tallest, fastest adventure in a pristine (and safe) setting. Framed by the snowy crags of the Remarkables mountain ranges and the blue shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is the pinnacle of outdoor playgrounds, where good food and lively bars meet the great outdoors.

The list of activities is endless, from hurtling through the air on a bungee cord or canyon swings to jet boating and whitewater rafting. Plus, what could bring people closer together than a rush of adrenaline?

If you prefer to slow down the pace, hikes such as Queenstown Hill offer a chance to disconnect or strike up a conversation with fellow walkers. You can slow things down even further with a wine tour through the Otago Valley, where bicycles or tour buses are your transport of choice, capping off with a seat at the bar in one of Queenstown’s many world-class restaurants.

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Sunset in Queenstown, New Zealand
Sunset in Queenstown, New Zealand


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city known for its more hedonistic pleasures isn’t the most obvious pick for solo female travellers, but Amsterdam has shaken off its infamy and established itself as a cosmopolitan, cultural and easy-going city.

The canal city is full of museums to explore at leisure, including Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt House museum, as well as charming neighbourhoods to sit by the footpath with a coffee and watch the world go by. Of course, the best way to experience it all is on a bicycle, and as long as you abide by the road rules and common sense, you’ll find it’s the safest and easiest way to explore.

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Bicycles on a bridge in Prinsengracht canal, Amsterdam
Bicycles on a bridge in Prinsengracht canal, Amsterdam


Solo female travel tips

  • A fictitious spouse is a useful anecdote to drop into conversation, if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Email digital copies of your travel documents to yourself and a close family member or friend.
  • Ensure family members or friends have a general idea of where you’re going and when. If you’re on a guided holiday, share the itinerary with them.
  • Be vigilant at night, especially when walking through quiet residential streets or avoid doing so.

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Solo Traveller in New Zealand
Solo Traveller in New Zealand

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