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Discover New Collette Tours for 2020

1st April 2019

Guided holidays are no longer one-size-fits-all travel experiences. Frequent travellers with Collette will appreciate their unique ability to tap into the nuances of what makes a destination special in order to immerse their guests in vivid cultural encounters.

Collette has released many of the new tours for 2020. Adventure from Croatia through to the canyons of North America, and all the way down to the Andean oasis of Colombia. 

Start planning your 2020 adventures. Get an insight into some of Collette’s exciting range of new tours, and pick the one that really sparks your wonder. 

Croatia and its Isands

Coast along the Adriatic Sea and take Croatia’s best, from its medieval architecture to its ethereal waterfalls.  Begin your journey in the illustrious capital of Croatia. Zagreb. Enjoy a memorable 7-night cruise on the Adriatic Sea along Croatia’s coast before discovering the ancient palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split. Visit the island of Biševo, home to the mystical Blue Cave. Experience the country’s immaculate beauty as you cruise its vibrant waters and step into its rich history.

Painted Canyons of the West

For a more rustic and wild change of scene, traverse America’s canyon lands. Marvel at the unspoiled beauty of Utah’s five national parks as you cross its scenic byways. Become immersed in a tasting at a family-run winery In Colorado’s wine country. From stark landscapes to the bright lights of Vegas, discover the painted canyons of the American West – up close and in all their glory.

Imperial Russia

Get a glimpse into the world’s largest country and experience the distinctive allure of Russia, a land abundant with intrigue and history. Walk through Moscow’s historic Kremlin and Red Square where you’ll stand in awe of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Get acquainted with Russia’s epicurean roots on an immersive food tour. Discover the lavish summer residence of Russian Tsars, the Catherine Palace and see this destination in an entirely new light.

Northern Lights of FInland

A bucket-list adventure that it’s time to tick off, the shimmering Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Come to know Finnish culture and history on a tour of Helsinki with a local expert. Savour the local cuisine in Helsinki’s restaurants. Experience rugged Lapland during a 3-night stay in the north of Finland. Meet Santa Claus in his home and embark on a reindeer safari with a local. One dynamic experience follows another on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure through Finland.


Lapland Reindeer, Finland
Lapland Reindeer, Finland

Experience Colombia

Begin a love affair with the vibrancy, spirit, and passion of this emerald of the Caribbean coast. Fly over mystic valleys and stand at the foot of the Andes in Colombia’s verdant coffee region, where wax palms tower overhead and the secrets to perfect Colombian coffee are revealed. Discover earthly treasures swept across stunning Caribbean landscapes that enliven the spirit – and sense of adventure – around every turn.


Colourful streets of Colombia
Colourful streets of Colombia

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