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How to eat like a local

17th September 2017

If you go to the lengths to book a holiday in Vanuatu or some other equally exciting travel adventure, it seems a waste to stick to the foods you know or the local tourist traps for easy eateries.

To really get into the feel of a new country and experience its unique culture, you should make interesting food choices, which will greatly impact your memories from the trip. That's why it's so important to put effort into trying new things, and at least attempting to eat like a local.

There are three great ways to avoid getting stuck at the same eatery traps everywhere you go.

The first tip is to simply get away from the main centres. Eateries around popular tourist attractions are both more expensive and set up for visitors, so while you might get a stylised version of the local foods, it will likely be a dish manipulated especially for tourists.

Instead, take a walk, follow your feet, and get off that beaten track. Ask your travel agent or receptionist at the hotel their favourite place to eat or simply wander until you find something that looks like it can offer you a genuine local flavour and taste.

When you really want to go out on a limb, and you don't know much of the local language, stop relying on restaurants that offer photographic menus. While they're a great aid when you really want to try a particular dish, they will also hinder your chances of experiencing something new.

Finally, do as the locals do and head to the supermarket. Check out the fresh produce sections as these will usually be filled with regional offerings.

Make your next overseas food choice with an empty stomach and an open mind.