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What Songs Spark Your Favourite Travel Memories?

15th September 2017

We’ve all experienced the uncanny connection between music and memory.

On any given day you might tune into a song on the radio and instantly recall a time, place or event. The memory is so strong that you re-live the feelings associated with that moment, whether it’s a flutter of butterflies in your stomach, a jolt of adrenaline or a sensation of total relaxation.

In honour of our wildly popular BOSE noise cancelling headphones offer we asked our expert travel advisors what tunes take them back to a favourite travel moment. The answers were varied, surprising and very inspirational!

Ubud Bali.jpg

Ubud Bali
Fields of barley or fields of Bali?

Sting - Fields of Gold

This song reminds me of sitting outside my villa in Ubud above the Ayung River with a cold beer in hand. I was surrounded by nothing but fields and the peaceful sounds of nature. The lyrics actually read "fields of barley" but why not fields in Bali? It works for me!

Alan Reis - Reis & James Travel Associates

Bali Day playlist

I have over 2,000 songs on my go-to travel playlist, but I have created albums for certain destinations. For example, I have Bali Day - 100 songs to play when in a villa during the day! It’s a mix of everything to keep everyone happy, including Midnight Oil, Black Keys, Johnny Cash and as much it pains me to say, Justin Bieber.

Becky Kent-Perchalla - Perchalla & Turner Travel Associates


Safari Africa
Africa by Toto is a song that transports travel advisor Liz Northcott straight back to her safari

Toto - Africa

One song that always brings back strong travel memories is Africa by Toto. It reminds me of - you guessed it - being on safari in Africa! It’s such a great tune and really encapsulates the spirit of the vast African plains.

Liz Northcott - Connelly & Turner Travel Associates

Big and Rich - Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Although I had never heard this song prior to my tour of the USA I now know every word to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy and I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon! This was the song my tour leader played every morning when we got on our coach. When we got to Las Vegas and went to the Freemont Street experience it was the soundtrack to the incredible light show.

Every time I hear this song it takes me right back to my holiday in America over 10 years ago. I see myself in Vegas standing there watching those lights in my mind again, and it brings a smile to my face every time.

Melanie Clout - Travel Associates Camp Hill

Apres Ski.jpg

Apres Ski
Apres ski is time to boogie according to travel advisor Graham Thams

The Jackson 5 - Blame it on the Boogie

This song was the theme song of an après bar at La Plagne, a Club Med Ski Resort in France where I enjoyed an epic snow trip. After a day skiing on the gorgeous French Alps, you’d troop into the bar and this song would fire up - it was like an alarm that reminded your that it was time to relax with a beer and get ready to party.

Graham Thams - Madigan & Turner Travel Associates

Bob Marley - Buffalo Soliders

I feel like this Bob Marley classic is my personal theme song as it seems to be playing everywhere I go! It particularly reminds me of being in Egypt about 15 years ago, and it always helps me remember the feeling of kicking back with cocktails in the sunshine with my best friend as we chatted to new friends we’d made on the trip.

Jenni Triffitt - Perchalla & Turner Travel Associates


Puff Daddy's I'll Be Missing You makes London linger in the memory of travel advisor Kylie Apps

I’ll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy ft Faith Evans

When I hear I’ll Be Missing You I am instantly transported back to the first time I ever heard it. It was pumping out of a car stereo as my husband and I were walking along Queensway in Bayswater, London. It was my first time living overseas, and I was a long way from home without a care in the world! This song was the sound of the summer, and will forever make me think of travelling around Europe in the beautiful balmy weather.

Kylie Apps - Apps & Turner Travel Associates

Chumba Wumba - Tubthumping

I generally read when I’m travelling rather than listen to music, but one song that always reminds me instantly of a holiday is Tubthumping by Chumba Wumba. The first time I heard this song was in Las Vegas, and it permeated my trip! It will always remind me of exploring the most exciting destinations in the USA with my wonderful friends, feeling totally carefree.

Amanda Reed - Reed & Turner Travel Associates

Eels - Beautiful Day/ Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues

This was the morning bus song on my first ever Contiki tour way back in the day. I dusted it off for a recent ski trip to Queenstown, and now it will forever make me think of good times with friends. It’s so happy and upbeat and the lyrics say it all - goddamn right it’s a beautiful day when you’re exploring the world.

Craig Stepnell - Stepnell & Turner Travel Associates