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An environmentally friendly travel trend

6th October 2013

Environmentally-minded travellers will soon have another green option available to them when booking USA tours.

The Norwegian Cruise Line has recently announced plans to develop a 75-acre section of Belize, which borders Mexico, into an eco-friendly cruise destination.

In a trend that has quickly become known as ecotourism, travellers can make greener choices when talking with their travel agents about booking a holiday.

The Belize project in the pipeline is set to see the cruise line work with local government to ensure the development adheres to environmental standards, as well as creating jobs for Belizeans and improving the local economy.

Two adjoining islands in the Stann Creek and Toledo districts are set to see a $50 million injection into the area, where the organisers expect to bring four times as many visitors to the country compared to current numbers.

In a statement during the announcement for the Belize initiative, Cruise Line President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Sheehan said that to "continuously look for new and exciting destinations for our guests, we plan to develop a cruise destination focused on sustainable design and eco-friendly principles that will retain the natural beauty and local culture of this tropical paradise".

According to the UK's Telegraph, this travel organisation isn't the only one looking to lessen their environmental impact and offer a greener option for travellers.

By 2024, the article predicts that 5 per cent of the global holiday market would be geared towards ecotourism holidays, and that this trend was in fact growing three times faster than mainstream getaways.

With multiple industries responding to the demand for greener options from customers, travel and tourism operators are joining the crusade for a more environmentally-friendly world.